A bouncer was taken to hospital in an ambulance after Ben Eager and his brother “brutally attacked and hurt” him (according to the general manager) outside The Quail Pub in Toronto around one a.m. early Sunday morning.

We’ll have more on the situation as information comes out, but a thought: if I’m not mistaken, people who are trained in martial arts get charged with assault “with a deadly weapon” – I’m curious to see if Eager’s role as a scrapper affects his charge. I realize it’s highly unlikely, but you have to think it’d be hard to argue that his job is anything other than fighting.

Remember what they say, folks: nothing good ever happens after midnight. (You also probably know that “they” are wrong a lot.)

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  1. Poor Ben has never talked to anyone professionally..bout being beat up by that
    old man who played for Pitt.Many yrs of therapy may still be needed to overcome that
    trauma played out for millions ..Mr.Robert’s keeps him awake @ nite…Poor Ben:(

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