Fine. FINE. I’ll address the whole Gangnam Style thing.

You know how the life cycle of these things go: a catchy song comes out, we like it, share it, beat it relentlessly into the ground, get sick of it, then grow to hate it. Then you hear it in two years and say “hey, I loved song.” Mercifully, we’re in that two year period of silence with Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Welp, it’s time to give a solid shove to Gangnam Style to start it’s own two year phase. I can’t handle it anymore.

To get us there, here are five hockey-related Gangnam Style videos. FIVE. How a niche sport can have so many fully-executed parodies of the same song, I’ll never know, but here we are.

Leading off, your Columbus Blue Jackets:

The pretty girls were a nice touch. Quality production value too.


Up next, from YouTube:

“In October 2012, a promise was made to thousand of Twitter subscribers. @Andy_Miele tweeted that if @bhextall reached 2500 followers then a video would be released of Brett dancing to Gangnam Style. Promises are meant to be kept, so Brett took it upon himself to use his semi-professional choreographic skill set to pave his way into social media history on YouTube.”

I seriously get embarrassed watching these. I suppose that’s my own issue though.


Then there’s the “re-imagined” version “Hockey Lockout Style.”

Like, with all due respect, who has time to do this?  Let alone rent a tux. Insanity. (I suppose this particular gent does have a channel with multiple videos, so I assume there’s a few bucks in it for him.)


More from NHL teams, who apparently have a lot of time on their hands these days. The Carolina Hurricanes:

I literally did not watch this one for fear of snapping and throwing my computer, so I’m unable to provide commentary. Sorry.


And finally, from Russian Machine Never Breaks, here’s Washington Capitals draft pick Filip Forsberg celebrating a 6-0 victory:

Oh hockey people, you’re so fun.

So there we have it. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve worked through the song FOUR times, it has to be over now. We’ve had our fun with it, now let’s all go back to reading non-news about the lockout, which somehow manages to be even more grating than that song at this point.