Robin Lehner was drafted in the second round by the Ottawa Senators in 2009, and has done pretty well for himself. He saw NHL action in 2010-11, and impressed last year in five games with the big club, putting up a 2.01 goals against average and .935 save percentage. He also happens to be a rather large man (6’3″, 220), and seems like he might be a bit of a loose cannon.

After having a Syracuse Crunch player fall on him one too many times during an AHL contest this weekend, Lehner got up chucking. The guy he was swinging at was engaged with someone else, but he didn’t seem to care.

Seeing this from the other crease, fellow large man (6’3″, 203) and goaltender Riku Helenius did the right thing and headed down the ice to give Lehner an outlet for his rage. Not smart.

Their tilt is below – Helenius walks into a hurricane of adrenaline and knuckles.