I promise Backhand Shelf won’t become HockeyFights.com during the lockout (not that I don’t enjoy the site), but if you’re someone who likes watching a good scrap, I came across another (literal) jaw-dropper (courtesy Pavel Lysenkov of Sovietsky Sport) this afternoon.

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy fighting, do not watch this. Mirasty was over-matched, and Gillies makes short work of him.

Nothing like putting your brain on the line when you’re not actually angry in a staged non-heat-of-the-battle tilt to really prove a point.

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  1. Haha. Seems like the thugs of the KHL cant stand up the NHL fighters. Loved it. #QuietRoom

  2. For freaks sake.. Sorry about that :(

  3. Are you suggesting that Mirnasty actually has a brain?

  4. This is fantastic. Gillies isn’t even the best the NHL has to offer when it comes to heavyweight fighters. I’d love to see Shawn Thornton or Cody McLeod wreak some havoc over there.

  5. Huh,

    They give out the Vince Lombardi trophy for wins over Jon Mirasty? Oh, they don’t, you say?

    Someone needs to tell Trevor that. Guy seems to think he won the Superbowl.

    • Hard to blame Gillies, though. Mirasty was calling him out and standing there like he already had the fight won. As a fighter, beating the tar out of someone who was, 10 seconds ago, talking smack- that had to feel nice.

      • Had to feel nice? Sure. But celebrating even a done fight seems tasteless. He better enjoy rubbing it in over there, if the NHL’s punishment last season against Asham is anything to go by.

        • Thing is, Asham knocked out a much larger guy as “justice” for that guy punching one of the best players on his team in the head. THAT I can understand getting a big rush from.

          Or when Domi did a less excessive celebration than this…it was after he beat up the toughest guy in the sport’s history…a guy who was about double his size, too.

          Gillies is acting like he scored a game 7 goal in overtime. All HE did is beat up a guy who was well out of his weight class. In a staged fight.

          It would be like Klitschko riding a pommel horse around the ring after knocking out, I don’t know, Juan-Manuel Marquez. What the Hell’s he bragging about, that isn’t even a fair fight.

      • Nah, it’s pretty easy to blame Gillies. Last time he celebrated like this was after he threw a flying elbow at an AHL goal-scorer call-up’s head from behind.

        More likely he thinks things like beating up and mocking much smaller goons and suckering AHL skill players proves something about himself to other people. Which is true, but it doesn’t prove what he thinks it does.

  6. Worst part of being an tough guy must be knowing that even though you won this one, that same fight has to happen again. Next time these two teams play – if not later the same night – Mirasty wants the rematch. And even though Gillies thumped him this time, there is no guarantee the next one goes the same way.

    That is one tough job.

    • Watched “The Last Gladiator” on Chris Nilan tonight. Doesn’t get into that part of the job specifically, but you’re exactly right. There’s no “Well, at least that’s over with” with that gig.

    • Umm….wrong. It goes exactly the same way next time. Misraty is garbage, Gilles will eat him alive.

  7. Paul – “But celebrating even a done fight seems tasteless.”

    Hey Paul, it’s not like this is Gillies’ first classy rodeo:


    Gillies starts it off with a charging elbow to Tangradi’s head in a 6-0 (Islanders winning) game. Then at 1:30 that’s Gillies yelling at Tangradi (who was concussed from the elbow) and the trainer, after he’d been kicked out of the game.

  8. didn’t see gilles celly too hard after this fight


    • And you don’t see the Boogeyman, rest in peace, celebrating after utterly leveling Gillies. Maybe Gillies got hit too hard too many times to realize what’s proper sportsmanship. It’s those kinds of fights that make me miss the “gentlemanly” fights.

  9. fuckin A. Misraty is a douchebag who went to Russia because he can’t skate or fight. POS.

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