Every summer, NHL players tend to get together in dense pockets around North America and Europe to train together, which makes sense – you can’t get better when you’re playing noon drop-in with a bunch of accountants and lawyers, no offense to those distinguished professions.

One of the more well-known get togethers is sponsored by the sport drink “BioSteel,” which players either love (and by all accounts they do), or are paid to say they love (less likely, from what I hear). Mike Cammalleri is one of their biggest supporters, and Paul Bissonnette isn’t too far behind.

On the first day of camp this year, Cammalleri decided to give Bissonnette a bit of a hard time, so he set up his own mini-version of punked to get the job done.

Highlights of the video:

* Security: “Where do you play?”

Bissonnette: “Phoenix. Well, maybe Quebec soon.”

* The fact that Bissonnette doesn’t pull some “do you know who I am?” garbage and disappoint us. He really does seem like a great guy.

* The security guard’s ability to take (non-stop) instruction from Cammalleri and have it flow naturally.

* The “Oh nice, tattoos” lines.

Biz really did seem to know he was getting punked the whole time, but to his credit, juuust in case he opted to keep his mouth (generally) shut.

(Stick-tap to Andrew Hudson for the video)