Phew! That was getting scary!

For awhile there it seemed like the NHL and NHLPA were just going to string us along with phony deadlines, and that they wouldn’t really negotiate, and they’d just sit there while the hockey season passed by and our emotions were played like the strings on a mandolin, but THANK GOD they aren’t that dumb. Not like anyone is, but still…phew.

To think, this whole time, the deadlines they were giving us were real, amirite? I mean, not to sound like a skeptic, but there were times when I wasn’t so sure. They have been talking on the phone, they have been sending each other emails, and through professionalism, honesty, and hard work, they reached a compromise that’s acceptable for both sides. Wow. It’s almost too good to be true. You know what they say: a good compromise leaves both sides feeling screwed, and even though they may not love the deal, they did what they had to do for the fans. I mean, there’s no game with us, y’know? They obviously know.

Sure enough, October 25th rolled around today and they announced the new CBA deal. There’s going to be a hurried week of training camp, then an 82 game season complete with the Winter Classic and everything! HBO’s 24/7 will take us behind the scenes of two of the most interesting organizations in the NHL, the Leafs and Red Wings, and we’ll really get to see how these teams operate. What do you think Mike Babcock is like during his down time? I can’t wait to find out. Man, I’m so glad we didn’t lose the opportunity to see that.

All because of how reasonable and kind and fair Gary Bettman is, and how smart the owners are (like they’d follow up an all-time high in generated revenues after a major market won a Stanley Cup with a lockout, ha!), and how willing the players were to get hockey back, we get to see the Los Angeles Kings defend their Cup. Dude, I cannot wait to get to breaking that down. Do you think they’ll repeat?

Who do you think will lead the league in scoring? I say Claude Giroux. No! Sidney Crosby. Wait! Malkin again? I dunno, I’m just so happy we’re going to get to see everything play out. Systems Analyst posts are coming, you guys. I have so many funny thought bubble ideas to put over players heads (I know it’s cruel, but you guys know I make those jokes with good intentions, right?).

Y’know, after the hours and money and emotions I’ve invested in hockey, I can’t help but feel like the League did the right thing today. I would’ve felt really screwed if the NHL let more artificial deadlines pass, let the season waste away, and slowly, painstakingly ripped games away from a real fan like myself in two week chunks. That would’ve just been torture!

Consider this my thank you to Gary Bettman and the owners. Next Friday, the puck will drop on the 2012-13 season. What a guy that man is. What a person.

What a complete, utter, dick. I can’t believe the bastards aren’t even talking.

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  1. Did Ryan Lambert hack your profile Justin?

    Regardless, great post, I feel the same way!

  2. Ah yes, the NHL, with the skating and the checking and the fighting and the G-HOIVEY FLAYVIN!!!

  3. I don’t feel the same way at all.

    I’m dug in against ownership/management and am willing to wait as long as it takes for the players to get an Agreement that is fair.

    In the meantine, I’m watching the KHL during the day and the AHL at night.

    I’m not bitter at all and will tune into the NHL as soon as they return.

    • Being willing to watch the NHL as soon as they return is part of the problem. As much as the owners talk about caring about the fans we know they don’t, other than what we shell out in the wallet. Its a difficult line too, since supporting the players also requires tuning in and watching the games, but I would rather not give my money to the owners.

      The last lockout the fans came flocking back, and that just bolstered the owners desire to lock out players again, assuming we will be back again. So, now when the new deal is expiring and the owners have found out how to exploit it and screw themselves over again (and they will do this) they will just lock the players out again and we’ll be back to where we are again and again.

    • I’m streaming ECHL games since there is no hockey in my area. It’s better than nothing.

  4. They could easily figure this whole situation out – if they would actually meet it each and talk it out. Why must they hurt our feelings? WHY!

  5. I’m annoyed and angry and pissed-off and if a three-legged dog crossed my path right now I would probably kick it. Okay maybe not, but I’m tired of watching baseball and football. I want my hockey!!

  6. I kind of have to admit that a teensy part of me does not want the lockout to end… The ECHL team I follow looks amazing… we have 8 guys who are definitely AHL caliber and 3-4 who could crack an AHL roster in any given normal year… NHL goes back to playing and we lose half of our roster.

    The other part of me wants the lockout to end solely based on the fact that I have Winter Classic tickets dammit and I want to be a part of that experience!

  7. You shoulda put a disclaimer at the start. As jaded as I am about the whole thing, I thought the lockout was actually over :(

    • I think the little hope in all of us wanted that and then reality set it and we realized the article for what it was.

      • Ha, the category “sarcasm” and image with a “sarcasm detector” up top didn’t get the message across? Sorry for the tease.

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