Slowly but surely, it’s happening. From Elliotte Friedman:

With that disappears any hopes of a full 2012-2013 season. I can live with a shortened season (preferably more than merely half the regular season games) given how little it seemed to affect the NBA last year, but this still hurts for the sheer fact that we’ve been sentenced to another month of no NHL hockey. And I mean, a month – that’s a sizable chunk of games. What if they reach a deal next week? (This obviously ensures they won’t, but still.)

It’s starting to feel more and more like a pissing contest between the two sides. We get it fellas – you’re not afraid to lockout/not play. You’re serious. Message received. Now go get serious about reaching a deal.

We’re in this together friends. The new goal is December.

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  1. The NHL will not kill hockey despite their best efforts to do so.

    Check out to see one place where hockey lives on and what is being done to make the world a better place.

  2. No big loss. Plenty of great hockey to be had in other places. Cancel the whole season already so we can stop hearing about it.

    • I’m enjoying ECHL games right now. I like the NHL, but it isn’t the only hockey out there.

  3. cancel the whole issue. i am a die hard leafs fan for 45 yrs. This lockout thing has gone on long enough, the greed is unreal. The amount of money the players make today is sickning & has to stop somewere. Reality is the owners are just that OWNERS just like any other company out there in this world.what they make has nothing to due with the employees; its a job get over it do not like your pay leave go somewere else. Also how can these players employed by the nhl go play for other countrys teams without breaking there contract with the nhl, its like treason ! How about we cancel the WHOLE NHL all contracts and start a new league were people play for employment, the honor and priviledge of being able to play professionally in a elite sport such as hockey. maybe then the fans that pay all of them might have half a chance to be able to afford a ticket in order to watch a live game in a areana. For some reason unknown to the fans we were forgotten and the greed of both the players & owners left us out in the cold unable to watch the sport we love & enjoy watching.

    • First of all, what the owners make in this case has EVERYTHING to do with the employees. The employees are the only reason people show to the rink or buy merchandise. That’s kind of why NHL buildings are sitting empty right now and the owners are paying money for empty facilities instead of making money. And that’s also why many players ARE making money playing for other owners. Second of all, you tell the players to take and hike and then criticize them for doing so. And since the OWNERS have locked out the players and there is no CBA, the players are under no contractual obligation to the owners until there IS a CBA. Thirdly, without the cream of the crop then the NHL is no longer the best hockey product in the world. They become 2nd or 3rd best with all the world’s best talent playing elsewhere. People will not support that wrapped in an NHL label. They can watch the AHL for much cheaper, it would be the same talent anyway.

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