I know, I know. But it’s the lockout. And Halloween. This is relevant, I swear.

You may have heard that Wayne Gretzky has a daughter named Paulina. You may also know that she has occasionally posted a couple pictures of herself online. You may be aware that she doesn’t tend to over-dress for said photos.

Well, Halloween is sort of the perfect fit for someone who enjoys doing such things, and Paulina took advantage. She wore a few different outfits this Hallow-season and put the pictures online, which were sent to us by the folks at the Sun News Network.

If you want, you can see where Paulina gets her pure sexiness in a post I did on her Dad earlier this month.

She opted for a few classics. For example…

The original sexy cop


And also…


The classic biker


And finally…

...circus ring leader?

Consider fluff posts like this the coffee beans between cologne samples, or water between wine tastings (I have no idea what you drink between different types of wine, to be honest).

Now um…ahem. How about them CBA negotiations, hey?

Comments (10)

  1. Should have raised her in Canada.

    • Thanks, now that I have taken 45 minutes to fully peruse all those photos, I can post my outrage.

  2. Her dad must be so proud.

  3. If you really want to perform a public service that’s actually relevant to hockey, you’d post pics of Patrice Bergeron or Claude Giroux or Nick Backstrom. Just sayin.

    • Or at least find a way to warn people that the article isn’t directly related to the game itself other than the title, the picture, the category, and the opening sentence. You know, make it obvious.

  4. FFS. NOT RELEVANT. Irrelevant to hockey. If you want to post pics of scantily clad women, by all means, do so, but dont pretend its about hockey.

  5. Senses of humor are in shortage during Halloween. Local experts blame Frankenstorm. Symptoms include users getting bent out of shape over silly things. No known remedy.

  6. Oh shut up. Jesus.

  7. Those Gretzky’s sure like to help people score, eh?

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