Ahhhhhhohmygodddddd it’s a podcast!

Due to some “company realignment,” Rob Pizzo has moved to strictly being a TV host, which is too bad, but also opens the door for what I think is a great new format, with more great people.

John Noon has come out from behind the glass to steer the ship (Ryan Eligh will operate the technical side full time this year), while myself and Jake Goldsbie – once intern, once Degrassi actor (seriously), and current hockey aficianado – give our opinions on all things puck.

Our first (aired) crack is 35 minutes long, and covers:

* Some abbreviated, annoyed thoughts on the lockout

* The potential cancellation of the Winter Classic

* Unrequited rivalries

* Rec hockey do’s and don’ts (taped sweats over shinnys? Ew.)

* And most importantly, the NHL’s scariest humans.

You can listen to it here:

Download it here, and subscribe on iTunes here. You can follow us on Facebook here!