Eddie Shack's rockin' 'stache

(Original post by Scott Lewis Justin Bourne)

It’s November, which means it’s the time of year where dudes grow mustaches and raise money for charity. If you’ll recall, the charity thing wasn’t always a part of the deal, which just goes to show: some men really like growing mustaches.

With it being “Movember,” we thought we’d re-purpose some excellent Scott Lewis posts of yore: a three-part series that features the best ‘staches in hockey history.

So with out further ado, in no particular order, here’s your initial set. Let us know your faves (and recommended additions) in the comments. Plenty more to come.

Dennis Maruk

Thick, dense, manly. That thing looks like it weighs 11 pounds.

Michel Goulet

“I assume these laugh lines were put there by God to dictate where mustaches end.”

Lanny MacDonald

His mustache may legitimately have a higher Q-score than him.

Bill McCreary

“You know what’d be good draping my mouth? A permanent frown, but not with clown make-up. Maybe hair?”

Mike Brown

“Welp, I have no chance of being the most noticeable player in the league for any particular talent…what else could I do to stand out?”

George Parros

“I’m eleven-foot six and 400 pounds of steel, but don’t like intimidating children. I could use some comic relief attached to the front of my head.”

Paul MacLean

*Not actually a mustache, just excess shredded wheat

Pat Burns

“Ideally I’d like it to look like a fighter jet is flying into my nose.”

Larry Robinson

Moments later this fell off. Weak tape and perspiration hurt the cause.

Rod Langway

If this were removed, then replaced about 11 inches up his head, it would perfectly fill in the lost hair. Hair solutions by Bourne. I’m not only the president, I’m client.

Harold Snepsts

Fun fact: his mustache could be removed and used as nunchucks.

Wendel Clark

“Hi kids. Candy, puppies, yada yada. Just get in the van.” 

And last…

Bryan Trottier

Fun fact. At our family-run Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp, Bryan said he’d shave this beauty duster if we could raise $1,000 for charity. It was like, 2 a.m. after a long night. The money was raised in a heartbeat, and the deed was done while someone strummed “Sweet Home Alberta” in the background. That’s Clark Gillies with the broom beside him, who did the same.

Comments (11)

  1. I hate moustaches and Movember. If you’re not gonna go all the way why bother? It just looks weird.

    • How can you “hate’ Movember? It’s is about awareness while looking like a badass. All men should participate and donate.

      • Okay so hate was too strong a word. I dislike mustaches. I’m down with the cause though. Still…

  2. i lol’d at the pat burns one. absolute beauty!

  3. Ryan Malone can produce a solid, western broomstick.

  4. My great George Parros stache moment:

    Walking past him after an off day practice near the locker room, I hear him say to another player “I’m thinking about shaving…..”. I say “You can’t shave that thing, it’s legendary!” Parros says “I was talking about my balls.”

    True story.

  5. that’s not Paul Mac lean

  6. Henry Boucha: beautiful 70′s era cookie duster… complete with headband. Just marvelous.

  7. No Bernie Parent? That thing was the ur-pornstache from which all other pornstaches are descended. You’ve offended the Pornstache Gods. They will be displeased.

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