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If you don’t follow the Washington Capitals blog “Russian Machine Never Breaks” by now, you’re kinda doing hockey wrong. Even if you’re not a Caps fan, it’s a great follow. They’ve been keeping up the good work during the lockout too, which I can attest is not the easiest thing to do.

Today RMNB’s Peter Hassett featured (his beloved) Matt Bradley, who’s playing with Tuto over in Finland’s top league. How’s he faring? Here’s what his coach had to say about him, via commenter Valtteri Kivinen :

“And last but not least Matt Bradley. Just fucking amazing. A hit that shortened the opponents bench by half a meter in his first shift.”

“This is a guy you should come see even from further away, this guy doesn’t leave anyone cold. They haven’t seen a guy this tough/good (same word in Finnish spoken language) at Kupittaa yet.”

I’d kill to play a pro level below my ability so my coach could say what he actually thought of my play. Usually they’re so busy trying to get the most out of you so a great game equals “He played well,” and a terrible one equals “There was some room for improvement.” Never too high, never too low. Certainly never “Just fucking amaze-balls.”

On RMNB, they pre-empted the video with “I won’t tell you which player is Matt Bradley. You guess.” I’ll do the same.

I assume dude just cracked a skate blade after the hit, but still. Night night, little Finn.

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  1. good hit head down…… Finlands second highest league btw and the kid was only 18 that took the hit

  2. Good lesson to learn for the kid with his head down. And what I do like about the hit is that it wasn’t predatory. He almost let the kid come to him (the way he was coasting) and then layed down the hammer. Love it.

  3. Good God, what a hit! He wasn’t even skating at full speed when they collided. Wow.

  4. that ice looks rather slippery

  5. Somewhere Dan Carcillo sits wondering if “tough” really has the same translation….

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