While I can’t offer you the unbridled thrills Harrison Mooney did this morning this morning (I had to work in a link to that debacle somehow), I can offer you the latest glimmer of hope: Steve Fehr and Bill Daly, the respective #2′s of the NHLPA and NHL, got together to talk about the new CBA this weekend, and it didn’t result in fisticuffs or name-calling.

They met on-and-off late Saturday afternoon and discussed the core CBA issues through early Sunday morning, and from those talks, the NHL and PA have agreed to formally meet Tuesday. The biggest reason for the positive uptick in talks is that the NHL said their “make whole” provision (y’know, the thing that lets players earn what they actually signed for, gasp) would no longer come from the players share (wow!), and would be paid by the owners. Progress!

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Pro Hockey Talk: New round of CBA negotiations next week

Some believe the new deadline for a CBA would fall around Nov. 23,* so a perceived increase in urgency is a welcome sight for anxious fans. It’s anyone’s guess just how much progress might be made, though.

Just a few days after the NBA came to its own CBA agreement in 2011, if you find parallels between the two processes.

The Canadian PressSaturday’s CBA talks covered a lot of ground

Daly and Fehr got together at an undisclosed location in an effort to shield themselves from the media spotlight and start finding a way forward in negotiations. The session included “good, frank discussion on the most important issues separating us,” according to Daly.