The Winter Classic may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch it.

Wait. It actually means that specifically. Hm.

ANYWAY, what we can do is simulate the game using EA Sports NHL ’13, clip the highlights, and show you what would’ve been. And boy-oh-boy, did the sim game come awfully close to what I was expecting from the real one.

Without any further ado, here’s the closest thing you’re going to get to a 2013 NHL Winter Classic:

Comments (9)

  1. most realistic sim yet

  2. And yet it is played in Philadelphia… Hmm…

  3. Yep – 11-3 sounds about right. I really liked Franzen scoring his 30th & 31st of the season on and Clarke MacArthur scoring his 20th of the season on Jan 1. I guess that means we’ll see a 70+ goal scorer this year in EA land.

  4. More evidence that Toronto needs Luongo.

  5. Holmstrom put in 2? For a hot second there I thought it might be the alumni simulation.

  6. Not very realistic though. If you think about it, Detroit wouldn’t have Howard in net, I mean really? Against the Leafs? They wouldn’t have wasted his strength really. Also the Leafs would’ve put up more of a fight than that.

  7. So Toronto brought back Toskala?

  8. Weird considering Toronto beat Detroit in their most recent meeting.

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