Disclaimer on the title: no idea if the guy he jumped is actually a goon, but he was sure acting like one.

Anywho: jumping off the bench to fight while your team is in a scrum is almost never a good thing. Almost. You almost always get suspended (six games, in Shaw’s case), and you rarely get much accomplished.

But there are times where I support it – case in point, when Eric Goddard jumped off the bench to stop Micheal Haley from fighting Brent Johnson, his teams goaltender. Johnson, capable though he may be, would’ve been in real danger against a trained hockey fighter in far less gear.

The video at the top of the post shows Andrew Shaw jumping off the bench after seeing some goon show jump his teammate and throw bombs. If you’re Shaw, you’re already on the big club’s radar, having played 37 games with the Blackhawks last season. You’ve put up decent AHL numbers, including a sizable about of PIMs, and oh yeah, you’re born in 1991. You’re likely in the organizations plans.

Mix that up with the fact that acts like that shows he cares about his teammates. He’s going to be loyal. He’s not afraid to play gritty, and boy-oh-boy do North American hockey teams love their sandpaper. And, it lets teams know that yours can’t be pushed around, and it gives you the chance to get a little eye-for-an-eye justice. And hey, it’s early in the year.

So he’s going to miss six games, that may hurt the team a bit. Whatever, they’ll survive. In his situation there, I’ve got no problem with him flying off the handle a little bit.

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