Hey, we’re back!

Our once-a-week format continued this week as John Noon, Jake Goldsbie and I tackled the main hockey issues of the day, with help from producer Ryan Eligh.

Those issues, specifically:

* Hall-of-Fame inductions this weekend

* Should Pavel Bure have his number retired?

* The difference between “Hall-worthy” and being worthy of having your jersey retired

* CBA talks, progress, forecast

* The Super Series

* Scott Gomez and others taking ECHL jobs

* Hockey’s greatest, worst mustaches

* And more!

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (5)

  1. As A Canucks fan, I’m stoked that his # is getting retired. He was the first true star to play in the city and was a pretty big inspiration for kids to play hockey around here.

  2. Fame part= Bad

    If you were basing HHOF entries off of how well known you are outside of hockey Sean Avery gets put on that list.

  3. Biz didn’t steal a roster spot from a British guy, he took the last import slot that Cardiff hadn’t filled yet. Although admittedly a young bottom pair British D man might be getting less minutes he still has a job.

  4. Love the podcast being back! But bring back the original intro, please.

  5. Love the show, but good lord that music selection is awful! The old intro song was extremely better.

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