Billy Smith, with the Fu Manalmost

Earlier in the month of Movember, Backhand Shelf began to re-purpose Scott Lewis‘ collection of Hockey’s Best Mustaches, for obvious reasons. These men deserve some recognition for their excellent cookie dusters. Here’s Part One of the list, with Part Two below. There’s still another one to come!

Jacques Martin

Owns a burlesque hall.

Glenn “Chico” Resch

Attends burlesque shows.

Nigel Dawes

Is confused by the word “burlesque.”

Gaston Gingras

Dates a burlesque dancer.

Jay Miller

Describes his mustache as “burly,” or “burly-esque.”

Jeff Odgers

Okay, enough burlesque jokes.

Odgers uses his mustache the way ants use their pinchers though, for real. Doesn’t need his hands to eat.

Gilbert Perreault

His gloves like his mustache so much, they’re trying to climb his arms to get closer to it.

Rick Kehoe

Oh man, if I had that ‘stache I’d twist the shit out of it.

Dave “The Hammer” Schultz and Orest Kindrachuk

I’ll opt not to comment on those moosty’s, and instead inquire as to why someone has (accurately) thrown Kindrachuk a life preserver.

Rob Ramage

Man, this picture should be a meme. Or a personal ad. Hey girl.

Rogie Vachon

The laugh at the end of the below clip? Vachon is mid-doing that.

John Wensink

Now THAT’S how you do a mustache, folks. Doubles as a strainer. So pro.