(Pictured: Derek Anderson, full push-broom assembled.)

Sad to say this is the final part of the list, but still proud because it’s a pretty fantastic compilation put together by our very own Scott Lewis.  If you missed them earlier this Movember:

Hockey’s Greatest Mustaches: Part One

Hockey’s Greatest Mustaches: Part Two


So off we go – feel free to add your suggestions in the comments (unless your suggestion is one part one or part two – maybe check those first).

Dave Babych

Babych has one of those lip-to-nose gaps that, without a duster, just wouldn’t look right. Look at that. His mustaches is the same thickness as his hockey stick.

Bill Clement

Charlie Simmer

Look at this picture, and the one of Gillies below, and let’s talk hairstyles. I mean, that was a thing at some point – how do you even style that?

Clark Gillies

Mike Gartner

I like that his ‘stache and curve are identical.

Dirk Graham

Gotta be careful you don’t go much shorter on the moosty-width there, Dirk. Entering sketchy territory.

Dan Hinote


Ian White

What a glorious picture. It’s like he’s flexing it here or something.

Rick Middleton

Hi, Joan, Earl & Philip.

Joel Quenneville

Yessssssss. The greatest mustache in the biz right now. So proud. So noble.

Zack Stortini

Would you rather have a million dollars or Zach Stortini’s head full of nickels?

Trevor Gillies

Bushy, beautiful. And last, Mr…

Ken Wregget

Honourable Mentions: Olli Jokinen, Don Koharski, Gary Rissling, Greg Smyth, Denis Potvin, Jere Gillis, Dan Carcillo, Bernie Federko, Sheldon Souray, Gerard Gallant, Jon Sim, Bob Gainey(!), Reggie Lemelin, John Tonelli, Grant Fuhr, and too many more.

Comments (12)

  1. How you missed Cal Clutterbuck’s 1920′s Gangster look is beyond me.


  2. “Would you rather have a million dollars or Zach Stortini’s head full of nickels?”

    Trick question: Zach Stortini’s head full of nickels IS a million dollars!

  3. Charlie Simmer or King Kong Korab?

  4. Some real classics in there… could you imagine what hockey would look like today without helmets and ridiculous body armor?

  5. Derek Anderson?

  6. Clutterbuck looks more gunslinger to me.

  7. Isn’t that Derek Sanderson?

  8. Hells yes, John Tonelli’s ‘stache. He was nearly unrecognizable without it in Los Angeles. I like to think that the Isles retired that ‘stache to the rafters instead of John’s #27.

  9. Am I the only one to notice the distinct lack of a snarky comment about the FIL’s stache?

    Though you did comment on the hair, so…

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