Feel good stories are tough to come by during a lockout, so this one made me smile:

Yesterday Mike Richards and Andrew Ladd threw together an impromptu road hockey game, and took to Twitter to invite people to play.

Charitable events are excellent of course, but sometimes it’s neat to do something small and simple that the fans will appreciate without all the fanfare. Here’s the Richards tweet:

And the Ladd response, which is excellent:

Geez, deep cuts.

On Twitter this afternoon I came across some pictures from “Zach Wolf” (via Reddit Hockey), a photographer who happened to be in attendance.

His website is here, follow him on Twitter here, and you can see the rest of the pictures here. Below are a few of the better ones:

Jim Slater and Mark Stuart were in attendance, sporting a little Movember fuzz. How cold does it look there right now? Is that Siberia? Do Siberians use “Winnipeg” as their “really cold far away wasteland” joke? (And no, I’ve never been to Winnipeg, just…look.)

Mike Richards, using the perfect road hockey ball.

Devon Shmyko, according to the website, has a favourite player. Yeah, the other guy in this picture. See, I told you: what an awesome day for some people.

And finally…

Andrew Ladd rocking the coolest toque of the day, complete with shades. Richards is open!

Full credit to those guys. That looks like a ton of fun, and some kids will have a story to tell way down the road.


Update: Puck Daddy had video of the game too: