The video above depicts the events at a Liberec White Tigers game, in which Wayne Simmonds got into a scrap, and was subjected to chants of “Opice, opice, opice,” which translates to “monkey.” I’m not exactly breaking news with this point, so consider it a reminder: some people are morons.

Simmonds, for his part, wasn’t all that shook about it. From a Sean Leahy post on Puck Daddy, he had this to say:

“When you’re a black man playing in a predominantly white man’s sport, you’ve got to come to expect things like that. Over the past 23 years of my life, I’ve come to expect some things like that. But I’m older and more mature now, I kind of just let things roll off [my back]. I try not to think about stuff like that.”

The racist chants weren’t smiled upon by the league, which fined the Liberec club the very specific dollar amount of $1,555, which in itself is odd, in my opinion – what were they supposed to do? Go back in time and stop the chants? I hardly think they were running the chant suggestion on the jumbotron, but I suppose it’s good that the League went public with the message that that behaviour is unacceptable.

Of course, that behaviour is garbage. There’s no place for it, and it’s mind-boggling it still happens. It shouldn’t.


The guilty parties were arrested, and now face a maximum jail sentence of three years. It won’t ever come to that, but man…jail?

More from Puck Daddy:

The Czech site reports that the rowdy fans calls themselves the “Black Commandos”, attending games in a black hooded sweatshirt and scarf, imbibing a considerable amount of booze before games. (One of the accused fans, Radek Pribyl, said he had 10 beers and two shots but was only “mildly drunk” because he’s “trained” for that level of consumption.)

Jeez. I’ll follow up as I find out more about this – they face trial Jan. 9 in Chomutov District Court.

My question to you is this: racial slurs are obviously terrible and something to be dealt with. We’re all on the same page there. But is jail time a punishment too severe?

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  1. I don’t believe jail is going too far. Europeans have an issue with race, much more so than North Americans. You see it alot with soccer. It’s far overdue for this issue to be taken seriously.

  2. I don’t think jail time is to far fetched to think about when it comes to racial slurs. If you are spouting racial slurs in a public event it could potentially (even if unlikely?) spur public unrest at said event. Whether it be other drunks who are offended by the chanting or whatever. I think the mentality of the potential jail time is that the racial slurs can be seen as violent and a starting point for something to escalate.

    Wasn’t it the FBI that started looking into all the Twitter accounts that were putting out racials slurs and suggesting physical violence to Joel Ward?

  3. “said he had 10 beers and two shots but was only “mildly drunk” because he’s “trained” for that level of consumption.”

    I think I speak for everyone here when I say that “training” is cool, even though this guy is clearly a dip$hit.

  4. Wait, am i the only one seeing the irony in the fact that “rowdy fans calls themselves the “Black Commandos”, attending games in a black hooded sweatshirt and scarf, imbibing a considerable amount of booze before games” and they are making racist comments towards a black man?

  5. When you are in a context of a region that has thousands of years of history, most of them filled with some form of oppression, jail time is quite necessary.

    It’s a different place with values that work for that specific locale. Nothing wrong with it at all.

  6. Sounds about right.

    I assume “jail time” means that it is clearly possible, but likely waived if there are no priors, etc. And if you have priors, then, yes, you should realize that this sh*t adds up at some point.

  7. I do not think it is severe. In America (Canada and the US) I would say no, but in Europe there is still a lot of sectarian violence and the only way to stop it is to spend some time in the clinker. My family is from Northern Ireland and there are songs we cannot even sing at soccer games because they are outlawed. It’s really the only way. And for the record, Europeans are far more racist than Americans.

  8. I think jail time is too severe a punishment for this. Maybe it’s the First Amendment side of me coming out, but I think violence is one thing. Name-calling is another, no matter how despicable and unclassy.

  9. Those ref buckets are slick!

  10. “very specific dollar amount of $1,555″

    I’d presume that comes out to a nice round number in the local currency.

  11. I have an even better idea than giving them jail time:

    Drop them off right in the middle of a place like Detroit (be sure to tip the locals off, first). If they make it back to the airport in one piece, they’re free to go!

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