Chris Botta dropped some news on Twitter yesterday that I’m sure you’ll all be pumped to hear:


The most annoying part of us finding out about the next round of cancellations as fans is…kay. …Now what?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with Botta reporting the news, because it is news. It just feels like…we’re already desperate over here. We’d just love some hint that the people involved feel some of that too.

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  1. I dont know what to do, justin i have been reading you every damn day since i saw you on puck daddy. this lock out sucks, i am much happier with system analisys then this….what ever happend to those NHL 13 sim weeks, atleast it felt semi real…

  2. The people involved in this SUCK! Ready for my refund from Wild tickets and am considering Gopher season tickets next year. No beer sales and really pathetic food options in the arena will save us TON of money, too.

  3. Saw this following Habs journalist Dave Stubbs on twitter:

    Next Tuesday, raise a toast to Dallas at Columbus, which will mark the 2,000th NHL game killed by lockout on this commissioner’s watch

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