One of hockey’s more notable personalities, Don Cherry, is on Twitter. I know, the math on that doesn’t add up for me either, but for whatever reason, he really and truly is.

The tweets are very clearly actually coming from his mind, as no human can sound exactly like Don Cherry but Don Cherry, as close as @DonCherryParody comes. The format in itself is beautiful – “140 characters? Nah, I’ll just talk until I’m done talking no matter how many tweets it takes.”

A sample from this morning:







But seriously, how absolutely fantastic is that? I would totally engage Don in a discussion on phone messages. They should still have Don on CBC right now just doing a monologue. Hell, last week he had an excellent rant on bees in his shed (seriously) – I just love how personal the tone is.

And the best summary of his feed yet:

Though this summary is right behind it:

I’ve reached out to someone for more detail on Don’s Twitter feed. I have so many questions. Does he type them? Dictate them? Did he join voluntarily? I’ll update the post when I have details.


UPDATE: I was apparently beaten to the punch on getting to the bottom of Cherry’s Twitter feed. In a great interview with James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail, here’s what Cherry had to say:

Well, nobody knows why I’m on Twitter. But what happened was, about five guys had my name out there, using my name as Twitter. So, CBC, they said we’ve got to protect ourselves. So we want you in the playoffs to start a Twitter. And I was ‘Come on, are you kidding?’ I thought Twitter was for birds to tell you the truth.

They said, we’ve got to do it to protect you. Because these guys say something and people think you said it. So I started and I had a friend [help]. Kathy Broderick, she runs CBC as far as I’m concerned. She helps me on Coach’s Corner.

So what I do is I phone in if I see something that bothers me. She takes care of it. She does the typing and all of that because I couldn’t do all that. I did one with Dallas Eakins [in it] over Kadri and he said ‘he probably has somebody type it for him.’ Pretty true! It was a shot. Yeah, it was a good one.