Crosby, at a Bieber concert. SWAGGY.

Canadian mainstream musical exports, as a general rule, are just atrocious (I say as a self-aware Canadian). Over the past handful of years, Justin Bieber has come swooping in to steal the crown from Nickelback as “export we’re most embarrassed of.”

The great part about Bieber to date, is that his music isn’t even “guilty pleasure” good, so I can accurately state that the music, and everything about his “swagged-out” cultivated image, is just truly terrible (despite his natural talent).

While you’re welcome to like whatever music you like, possibly the World’s Greatest Hockey Player, a representative of the NHL, should not be allowed to attend Bieber concerts. I mean, for the good of the game and our collective pride, at least. And yet…it happened. I feel like I should be more surprised by this.

Sid (and apparently Tyler Kennedy), if I may quote NFL Gameday…C’mon, man.

(Stick-tap to Deadspin, 25Stanley)

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  1. It’s not that fine. This is pretty ignorant to say the least.

  2. Too good to be true… Some Flyers went to a Nickleback concert last year. I thought they would be stuck with the lamest thing a hockey player has ever done title. Then Crosby does this and lets them off the hook.

  3. SWAGGY lmao what the fuck are these kids wearing nowadays

  4. Crosby is not doing himself any favors trying to shed the Cindy name.

  5. That’s the dumbest thing ever, not allowed to attend a bieber concert? I’m no fan of bieber but to not be allowed to attend a concert of the music you like simply because your in the NHL and people don’t like bieber dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

  6. I’m more embarrassed about the sheer number of NHLers that list Nickelback as one of their favourite bands. Bieber IS guilty-pleasure good, at least that stuff is catchy. Nickelback is just grumbling garbage.

  7. Canadian solidarity? Hell, why don’t more of these guys show up at Rush concerts? Or hell, even Barenaked Ladies.

  8. Cindy’s just trying to pick up a date before curfew, leave him be

  9. Sidney is a queer, no wonder why he went.

  10. bad day to be a pens fan

  11. Wow. These are basically my 2 favourite Canadians.

    I strongly disagree with the biebs being the new nickelback though.

  12. Typical… this Justine Bourne guy is a douche bag anyway and the Source is a second rate garbage tabloid “sporting news.” No surprises at all they would endorse this clown.

  13. WTF is wrong with Crosby lol

  14. Nickelback and Bieber are pretty bad, but there’s good music coming from Canada. Not exactly mainstream, but there are some good Canadian indie bands. Death from above, Tokyo police club, arcade fire. Oh and Neil Young! I love Neil Young.

  15. It would appear as though Sid’s judgement has been altered by concussions.

  16. Give me a break, bieber isn’t even that terrible. Worse though is your troll like attempt at calling out the two biggest Canadian acts of the past decade. Just because they’ve achieved worldwide mainstream success doesn’t mean their music is terrible.

    There are far better musicians out there, that’s besides the point.

    For a reputable company like the source allowing your childish article to be published is a shame.

  17. Wow! Seriously? Cutting him up on what he does… So what that he went to a concert.
    So what that those young girls (also considered as FANS) requested to take a picture with him… Last I checked adults his change can do as they please. Gosh, these reporters, bloggers, what ever they call themselves have really got nothin at all to “blog” about. Ya, so what, Crosby went to a Justin Bieber Concert, I went to ‘Disney on Ice”… Im 23.

  18. There were “Make a Wish” kids in his charity suite at the concert. I don’t know if that is why he was there, just sayin’.

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