Crosby, at a Bieber concert. SWAGGY.

Canadian mainstream musical exports, as a general rule, are just atrocious (I say as a self-aware Canadian). Over the past handful of years, Justin Bieber has come swooping in to steal the crown from Nickelback as “export we’re most embarrassed of.”

The great part about Bieber to date, is that his music isn’t even “guilty pleasure” good, so I can accurately state that the music, and everything about his “swagged-out” cultivated image, is just truly terrible (despite his natural talent).

While you’re welcome to like whatever music you like, possibly the World’s Greatest Hockey Player, a representative of the NHL, should not be allowed to attend Bieber concerts. I mean, for the good of the game and our collective pride, at least. And yet…it happened. I feel like I should be more surprised by this.

Sid (and apparently Tyler Kennedy), if I may quote NFL Gameday…C’mon, man.

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