The Twitters are all abuzz this afternoon, as rumours out of the NHL/NHLPA CBA meeting seem to be relatively positive. The word on the street? The latest offer from the PA has them just $182 million apart over five years from the NHL. Here’s the reaction so far:

Damn. Too late.





And of course, then there’s the other side…

Yeah. That feels pretty likely, if I may be a pessimist.

More on this after Bettman speaks…

Update: Yeah, not looking too good right now.

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  1. Mark my words. You are an optimist or a sucker. My bet is that there is some other hand-grenade buried in their proposal (like a complete rejection of the contracting demands – including the mechanisms for avoiding backloaded contracts).

    Fehr doesn’t want to do a deal. It’s all about ego, and a guy in probably his last job, wanting to go out having taken down a league.

    • Doh. Front-loaded I meant.

    • And who, exactly, is backloading those contracts? Yep, the owners and their front office personnel.

      But noooooo it’s the players that are the bad guys because the owners can’t exercise restraint.

      • So owners aren’t supposed to find all possible advantage in they can in the CBA to win? I don’t see people in Minnesota complaining about their new players. It’s the GM and owners JOB to use every possible way to get the best team. Anything less wouldn’t be ‘sport’. It’s the leagues job to close those loopholes when they show up. It’s the same in every single sport – go look at how often people are caught cheating in auto racing, for instance.
        Think I’m wrong? Go ask Toronto fans how happy they are that Burke won’t do deals within 2 weeks of Christmas because it’s not nice.

        • So players aren’t supposed to try and make as much money as they possibly can? As much as a GM/owner is willing to throw at them in however a manner as they can to take advantage of the system?

          That’s a two way street, pal.

          • Absolutely. I just can’t stand the whining about GM’s pushing the old CBA as far as it would go. That’s their job.

        • You’ve not made a legitimate argument as to why players should give up their rights because of ownership inability to police themselves for the benefit of their own business.

    • Fehr is a snake. Bettman is a cockroach. The whole thing sucks, and both sides are to blame. This is progress, however.

      Also, I`m fairly certain David works for the NHLPA, or is indeed a player with too much time on his hands. Go figure.

  2. I have to agree with Jason Brough. Everytime someone submits an offer from either side and tells us how great it is… the other side has looked at it with their own pair of koolaid glasses and seen a different colour. I have my doubts that this time will be any different.

    /yawn. Wake me when it is over.

  3. Oh Lord, every single owners proposal has been nothing but gains for the owners and losses for the players. Let’s not try and pretend otherwise. Coming off their original offer on HRR isn’t a “give” by the owners. In the end when the 50/50 is signed it will be the players who have lost ground and the owners who have gained ground from CBA to CBA. And as for the contracting rights, it’s ludicrous to ask players to give up their contracting rights because the ownership can’t police themselves not to find loopholes and exploit them at the league’s expense. THAT is ridiculous. A good amount of ownership proposals have been demanding that players pay for ownership mistakes.

    • “A good amount of ownership proposals have been demanding that players pay for ownership mistakes.”

      I am not saying it is right.. but if you look at most CBA’s in most sports that is the case. Some are just worse than others.

    • 18 of 30 NHL teams lost money last year. I think having this CBA go more in the owner’s direction than in the player’s is the right way to go. The players made an absolute killing off of the last CBA. Need proof? The cap was 39 million in ’05-06, it was 64.3 million in ’11-12.

    • No. Most of the contracting proposals are to fix loopholes that they league didn’t think they were creating in the last CBA. Front loaded contracts, where the player is not expected to play the last 2 or three years are pure BS. It’s a loophole. 10 year deals end up locking up good young players forever, and are bad for the game (which DOES include trades from a spectators point of view).
      Maybe 5 year term limits is extreme, but the F’ing NHLPA should then make a counter proposal. 8 for instance. And not just pick up their ball and go home every time.

      Fehr is screwing the players. He’s doing it with a kind face, and lots of internal talk, but in the end, when they write the book about this, it will come out that this was one big ego trip for him.

      • Who has picked up their ball and went home the last TWO times? The owners. The first time within 10 minutes. Last night they waited an entire before walking out the door.

  4. Guys, its really going to happen THIS TIME!!! guys!! guys?

  5. LOL@ “18 of 30 NHL teams lost money last year”

    No. They didnt. You Are Incorrect.

    There is a reason why the teams wont make their books public, not even Forbes knows which teams are losing money and which are profiting.

    I am not gonna write an essay here, but I suggest you look up stuff before making incorrect statements. There is a lot of money made every year by companies that own major arenas, most of which also own NHL teams.

    Taking money from one hand into the other and then holding out the empty hand and crying broke isnt actually losing money.

    • You act like it is abnormal for teams to lose money? I do not have a source, but 18 of 30 doesn’t seem outrageous at all. In MLB, it isn’t abnormal for 80% of teams to lose money in an off year.

      • Notably, about a decade ago, when most MLB teams were losing money. If i remember correctly, the majority of them did profit last year though.

        • With three billion in revenue last season, the NHL and its teams can cry poor all they want, but honestly, the overall product had to be profitable. Accounting trickery can bend the numbers to look better or worse than normal. Bettman was speaking glowingly about the growth of the game two months before the owners suddenly decided that the actual players were only tangential to the business of having the highest-level hockey league in the known world.

  6. I liked when Bettman said that “we talked about the things that we had no more room to move on.”
    What I find hard to believe there from Gary is the word “more”. Or is he seriously telling us that the owners have moved AT ALL on ANY proposal?

    The players basically accepted the NHL’s proposal from two weeks ago, and added “we want $182 million to make sure we get paid what we’re owed, and we don’t want to be held liable if you guys mismanage the league into losing revenue in the future.” Which isn’t outrageous.

    Bettman says “No”, even though almost any single owner could reach into his pocket and plunk down $182 million on the table and say “let’s play some hockey.”

    At first I held both sides responsible for the cancellations. But this petty, total-victory-or-none-at-all baloney from the owners is just ridiculous.

  7. The people i feel sorry for are not the players or the owners….it’s the people who own restaurants and/or pubs near arenas….the people who work in the arenas….and what about the NHL refs and the team support staff such as strength trainers, physical therapists, etc. What do they get out of this but lost wages and revenue?

    It will be interesting to see what happens to game attendance too once a contract gets signed….hopefully before the Islanders start playing in their new arena in Brooklyn.

  8. At this point all the rest of the stars that stayed behind should all leave for Europe. This season’s already tainted anyway with all the hostility. Nobody will ever remember the Cup winner, all they’ll remember is the blackness of this labor dispute. Just cancel the whole thing today.

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