If you missed this earlier in the week, I think it’s pretty spectacular: during intermission of a Houston Aeros game, the Minnesota Wild held a competition to see who would be their “emergency goalie.” It’s super rare one is ever needed, but sometimes things you can’t control all happen on the same day – a goalie has a child being born (or gets in a car accident, or whatever), and the AHL team is stuck in a snow storm, and the ECHL team is playing in Alaska….and…and…you get the point. Sometimes you need an emergency fill-in, as happened last year with the Wild, when Paul Deutsch had to fill in until the call-up’s plane arrived.

In the minors this happens more often, with call-ups being a factor (obviously a goalie going up means there’s a hole that needs to be filled in the league below).

Anyway, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking – I happen to think this is pretty neat. And hey, if they never get between the pipes, they get a jersey with their name on it, and, um, a “Bud Light prize pack.” Sure.

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  1. Bud Light Mardi Gras beads and bottle openers for the winner!

  2. Good God I hate the nhl’s video player. 2 seconds in it’s “buffering”. At at 0:24 now and it has “buffered” 6 times!

    Think we fans can work a better video player into the new CBA?

    Oh yeah, awesome thing to do by the Wild.

  3. Still searching for a single damn given by Shjon Podein in this contest.

  4. They actually started with eleven (I think) contestants. They spent a day on the ice with coaches who then narrowed it down to the two guys in the video. Unfortunately they ran out of time during intermission – the shoot out competition was still tied after about 10 rounds. They were going to bring the guys back another time to finish the competition. Fun opportunity for some beer league goalies!

  5. Awesome. So awesome. Every team should do this.

  6. Brian Bonnen’s first two goals were dirt nasty. Pretty cool competition from the Wild.

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