If you missed this earlier in the week, I think it’s pretty spectacular: during intermission of a Houston Aeros game, the Minnesota Wild held a competition to see who would be their “emergency goalie.” It’s super rare one is ever needed, but sometimes things you can’t control all happen on the same day – a goalie has a child being born (or gets in a car accident, or whatever), and the AHL team is stuck in a snow storm, and the ECHL team is playing in Alaska….and…and…you get the point. Sometimes you need an emergency fill-in, as happened last year with the Wild, when Paul Deutsch had to fill in until the call-up’s plane arrived.

In the minors this happens more often, with call-ups being a factor (obviously a goalie going up means there’s a hole that needs to be filled in the league below).

Anyway, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking – I happen to think this is pretty neat. And hey, if they never get between the pipes, they get a jersey with their name on it, and, um, a “Bud Light prize pack.” Sure.