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Bill Daly and Steve Fehr went on The Fan 590 today to talk lockout and, of course, it brought no news and was just kind of depressing. Daly made it clear that the NHL is not scared by the notion of decertification (yeah, okay, whatever Bill) and that it is not a valid path to a deal getting done. Fehr, on the other hand, let us know that the players are not prepared to make any new proposals and that the idea that the two sides are “a billion dollars apart,” as Bettman claimed is entirely false. It was not super fun to listen to. The end of the lockout is not in sight, my friends. Not at all.

One somewhat hopeful note, I guess, is that Fehr said that he doesn’t see any reason for talks to break off completely nor is there any point in setting a deadline. Of course, he then condescendingly brought up all the deadlines that Bettman has created in the past so who knows? Fehr refused to address the notion of decertification but, I mean, they’ve got to be at least talking about it, right? Maybe?

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