There's a sign on the door that reads: "We have nothing to do with the NHL lockout. Please stop asking."

Remember during the NBA lockout when President Obama started going on about how much it sucked and everyone was all “oh, he’s so awesome. He has opinions on sports. He’s just like us!” Well, the decidedly less awesome Stephen Harper hasn’t exactly done the same for the NHL lockout. In fact, the only thing we’ve heard from our ant overlord is he has no interest in getting involved. However, that hasn’t stopped the NHLPA from keeping parliament up to date on the goings on of the lockout because Canada.

According to Pierre LeBrun, the NHLPA sent a letter to Parliament letting them know what’s up.

The letter, dated Nov. 19, was sent, according to a union source, because the NHLPA is aware that constituents in those Canadian ridings represented by those members of Parliament are getting questions about the lockout.

It is expected, another source told on Wednesday, that the NHL will respond with a letter of its own to Canadian Parliament.

Oh, please let this become a thing. This lockout has sorely lacked any sort of hilarious ridiculousness and bringing the fight to Parliament could be just the thing we need. Just imagine watching Question Period on CPAC and seeing people yelling across the floor about the lockout. Oh, that would be horrendously boring but just ridiculous enough to be entertaining. It’s all really very silly.

I also like this:

The letter ends with examples of how the NHLPA has reached out to people affected by the lockout to help them out.

It kind of feels like the PA is just looking for sympathy from Parliament which I find adorable. Like Fehr just wants the government to understand what they’re trying to do. Then everything will be okay.

I’ve never been of the opinion that there’s really any point in Harper or the government getting involved, though whatever helps at this point, I guess. Really, I just want to know more about the constituents that are questioning their MPs about the lockout. I wonder if they hold the belief that MPs either a) have anything to do with the lockout at all or b) have the power to make a difference in negotiations. I really hope that they do. I imagine they’re people like this.

Being a member of Parliament must be tough.