It’s tough to be a fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets during a normal season – a lack of respect, minimal stars and a lack of success all contribute to that. As an Islanders fan, I feel their pain. But even as an Isles fan, I can’t quite relate to their misery of late. Rick Nash is gone, their All-Star Game has been cancelled, and now this:

Columbus took Murray with the second overall pick, and assuming the NHL were to have a season this year, were likely counting on him to crack the roster.

At the very least, they’d like him playing somewhere and developing, instead of sitting on the couch watching the seconds tick past, waiting to heal.

In sum: ouch.


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  1. Dang,

    This is a loss for Canada’s World Junior team as no doubt he would have been in the top pairing.
    Not like we need defence anyway with the scoring from the crop of F’s available due to everyone’s favourite lockout.
    What a bunch of duds.

  2. What a coincidence, the NHL itself is out for the season…

  3. “As an Islanders fan, I feel their pain”

    Okposo and Streit didn’t just lose a whole season to this it also seemed to take half an additional season just to get back in to full form. It’s a tough injury for the kid it could really throw his development off.

  4. Wow. I actually feel terrible for anybody who ever had a passing interest in this club. The shit stick just keeps getting prodded into them.

  5. Plus Dubinsky I think broke his hand in the ECHL a cpl weeks ago.

    This org. is cursed.

  6. The next erik johnson?

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