Riley Sheahan is a 20-year old Red Wings prospect currently playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL. On October 29th he was pulled over in scary, dangerous condition. Here’s what you need to know:

* He was going the wrong way on a one-way street in a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. That’ll get you pulled over pretty consistently.

* He failed two sobriety tests before refusing to blow into the breathalyzer.

* He was wearing a purple Teletubby costume. …Stay with me here.

* The officers thought they pulled over his teammate Brendan Smith because they were shown Smith’s ID, which Sheahan later admitted he carries to get into bars. As in, he must have given that one to them by mistake.

* He agreed to be breathalyzed at the police station, where they charged him with “super-drunk” driving, as his blood alcohol level was .30. The legal limit is 0.08, and the baseline for a “super-drunk” charge is 0.17.

He pleaded not guilty(?), and has his next hearing December 13th, where he’ll be facing up to 180 days in jail, and possible deportation, given that he’s not an American citizen.

Sooo, yeah: maybe that was more of a cab night. (Who wears a Teletubby costume out thinking “I’m sure I’ll be good to drive home, I’ll take the vehicle there.”)

As pointed out by (linked below), the Red Wings top pick in the draft was also charged with public intoxication and minor alcohol consumption in 2010 during his first year at Notre Dame.

I’ll refrain from too many snide asides here, given the danger he put himself and others in, but you can’t help but cock your head to the side here and wonder what kind of night that was: wrong way, “super-drunk,” purple Teletubby digs, wrong ID…geezus. Pull it together, man.

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  1. I wonder if Sheahan will get into any trouble for giving his ID to a minor so he can get into bars?

  2. I hope he gets help because it seems to me he has a problem. And I don’t mean on the court side. I mean alcoholism. Thank god he didn’t kill someone.

  3. “Sooo, yeah: maybe that was more of a cab night.”

    On the other hand, see one Kane, Patrick, aka 20-cent. But yeah, get a DD or something dude.

  4. Fortunately for him drunk driving isn’t taken seriously here in the US, so he’ll probably just get off with a fine, probation, and community service.

    • What? You can get jail time for riding a sober horse while drunk in the US.

      Hell, you can get a DUI for having no legs and moving around your own driveway in a wheelchair in the US.

    • How is a hefty fine, suspended sentence/probation, forced labor (community service) and loss of your license for something like 6 months for a first offense not serious? I know America loves to jail folks (we have the highest percent of population in prison in the whole world) but it really doesn’t pay to lock every person up for every offense.

  5. Any one else wonder were the 3 other teletubbies were?

  6. People saying he was a problem?
    He is 20 he went out to party .He got drunk.Stop the presses.

    The only problem he has is not taking a cab or having a friend drive him home.

    Guess some people never made a mistake in their lives.

    • I’ve made plenty of mistakes in life. Getting thoroughly sloshed and trying to drive home is not one of them. This goes beyond “youthful mistake.” It can’t be dismissed as hijinks and “kids will be kids,” there’s too much at stake for everyone, including Sheahan.

      The thing is, to successfully do much of anything when your BAC is up to .30, you have got to be used to being that drunk. I know guys who have a problem with the bottle, both unreformed and on the wagon – they all say the same thing on this. (Usually the first group is bragging about it, and the second is amazed they’re still alive.) The first time you get that hammered, you can’t stand, much less walk reasonably straight, then get into a car, then get it moving and keep it on the road. Sheahan wasn’t just buzzed, he was falling-down drunk – which means that if he wasn’t falling down, and was able to even attempt to drive, he’s been here before and built a tolerance for it.

      People die of alcohol poisoning up around .40 or so. Sheahan definitely needs treatment and I pray he gets it.

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