Today Forbes magazine released it’s estimation of the worth of each of the 30 NHL teams (in slideshow form! How Bleacher Report-y), that led with a headline similar to the one I’ve got above.

They list the following facts on the Leafs:

Team value: $1,000 million
Owners: Rogers Communications, Bell Canada
Revenue 2011-12: $200 million
Operating income 2011-12: $81.9 million

Yup. A thousand million dollars.

The Rangers came in second, with an estimated franchise worth of $750 million, and the Canadiens came in third, at $575 million.

A really cool fact: the top 6 teams – The Leafs, Rangers, Canadiens, Blackhawks, Bruins and Red Wings – are the exact composition of the Original Six (that’s in order, by the way).

The Canucks, Flyers, Penguins and Kings round out the top ten.

Your bottom five:

St. Louis Blues ($130 million)
Phoenix Coyotes ($134 million)
Columbus Blue Jackets ($145)
New York Islanders ($155)
Nashville Predators ($167)

To be clear, they estimate the Coyotes to be worth $134 million, who Greg Jamison is buying from the NHL for $170M. They guy knows a bargain(?) when he sees one.

Check out the article here to dig through the rest of the goods.