Today Forbes magazine released it’s estimation of the worth of each of the 30 NHL teams (in slideshow form! How Bleacher Report-y), that led with a headline similar to the one I’ve got above.

They list the following facts on the Leafs:

Team value: $1,000 million
Owners: Rogers Communications, Bell Canada
Revenue 2011-12: $200 million
Operating income 2011-12: $81.9 million

Yup. A thousand million dollars.

The Rangers came in second, with an estimated franchise worth of $750 million, and the Canadiens came in third, at $575 million.

A really cool fact: the top 6 teams – The Leafs, Rangers, Canadiens, Blackhawks, Bruins and Red Wings – are the exact composition of the Original Six (that’s in order, by the way).

The Canucks, Flyers, Penguins and Kings round out the top ten.

Your bottom five:

St. Louis Blues ($130 million)
Phoenix Coyotes ($134 million)
Columbus Blue Jackets ($145)
New York Islanders ($155)
Nashville Predators ($167)

To be clear, they estimate the Coyotes to be worth $134 million, who Greg Jamison is buying from the NHL for $170M. They guy knows a bargain(?) when he sees one.

Check out the article here to dig through the rest of the goods.

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  1. Interesting that the Leafs net $81M on $200M of revenue.

    40.5% net margins are pretty nice in any business.

    Only 13 teams actually losing money. And the Leafs could almost make all 13 of them whole.

    Doesn’t do well for the owners arguments that they need more money. They just need to spread it around more evenly.

    • I think the owners have a real problem:

      Cumulative profit of NHL teams last year: $250.3M.
      Average team profit: $8.34M.
      Avg team revenue: $112.47M
      Avg team %profit: 7.4%

      Why are they bitching about salaries so much? As a whole, their business is pretty healthy. Especially given a lower economy.

      • You DO realize that this is Forbes “best guess” and they in no way had access to any private accounting books right? And it has been well documented in the past that Forbes has been exceedingly wrong almost as often as they have been correct in their “best guess”. So to base your whole thoughts about the lockout and CBA process on this only is simliliar to basing your life off of what happens on a reality show.

    • One more intersting number.

      Total NHL revenues: $3.37B
      Total NHL debt: $3.35B

      Probably why the owners want a restructure. You might call it a refinance.

  2. This might be, by far, one of the best analyses of why the NHL needs a new CBA and needs one ASAP. It would be nice if the owners and players both took a moment to look at these staggering numbers and realize that so long as the Maple Leafs are worth the combined value of the bottom five teams in the league, that things are not going to end very well.

  3. I’d have no problem if the TML’s never made another dollar again.

    invent a new sport already, it’s 2012.

  4. Is it a telling sign of how long it takes a team to be successful that the original six are tops on the list? Or is a total coincidence?Like, if the Coyotes are in the desert until 2070, will they be successful or is it just that its never going to work? I will fill my day pondering these thoughts…

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  6. If you go to the Forbes site, look at the picture they use for the Red Wings. Lidstrom with his head up right as he is taking a slap shot. And that is why he was the best!

    And yes this comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Sorry

  7. the score was sold to rogers for same amount as predators are worth

  8. Why the blues soooo poor,,, amazing fan base, great local and super consistent… hmmm?

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