“A lot” is subjective, I suppose, but compared to other sports, hockey’s top stars are hardly raking in the dough outside the value of their contracts.

Forbes released their list of hockey’s top earners (endorsements in), which included most of the names you’d expect…save for the inclusion of Scott Gomez. That just doesn’t seem right.

Crosby and Ovechkin topped the list. In general, I was floored guys didn’t earn more – it just falls off after the top few names. Evgeni Malkin, league-leading scorer and Hart Trophy winner makes $400k? I thought his gear deal alone would be more than that. I guess it is a niche game after all.

Forbes listed 15 players as top earners – here they are, ranked by how much they made in endorsement money last year:

1. Sidney Crosby $4 M (Gatorade, Reebok, Bell Canada, Tim Hortons and others.)
2. Alex Ovechkin $2.5M (Nike, Gatorade, Bauer…demand will increase before 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.)
3. Jonathan Toews $1.2 M
4. Jarome Iginla $750k (As evidenced by this and Toews earnings “bring-home-to-your-mom-able-ness is worth a lot of money in hockey.)
5.  Steven Stamkos $800k
6. Evgeni Malkin $400k
7. Eric Staal $250k
8. Zach Parise $200k
9. Rick Nash $150k
10. Vincent Lecavalier $150k
11. Marian Gaborik $150k
12. Shea Weber $100k
13. Scott Gomez $100k
14. Dany Heatley $75k
15. Ryan Suter $50k