I can dig what Glendale is going for here. If my city were footing the bill for an NHL team it couldn’t afford I’d like to not have the team named after a different city.

So…the Arizona Coyotes it shall (likely) be!

From “Sports Document’s.com, this:

One of the quirks of the draft arena management deal (the City of Glendale, where the Coyotes play, will be paying the Jamison group $320 million over 20 years to run the rink), requires the new team owner to change the franchise’s name, so long as said move is “commercially reasonable”:

I’ve never been a fan of team names that involve a state or province rather than a city, but I can see why the City of Glendale, which has been bleeding taxpayers for years to keep NHL hockey on life support in the desert, wouldn’t want another city’s name in the title. And considering the negativity surrounding this franchise for so long, it probably isn’t a bad idea to shake things up a bit.

Thankfully, the deal will also likely mean the end of the worst rink name in professional sports, “Jobing.com Arena.”

The article lists another bit of legalese that basically explains that it’s up to Jamison to find a new arena sponsor (my understanding is that these aren’t exactly easy to come by these days).

So, a fresh start then. Some stability, maybe a new uni…maybe the name change will mark a turning point for the franchise!

On the other hand…maybe not.


[Tangent: Check out where the arena is located in the picture above. That's the football stadium (spaceship) at the back, then the arena, then the plaza, then a movie theatre (which makes it so they can't charge for parking). Crazy rural, hey? that shocked me the first time I went there.]