So that went well. Time to decertify!



Statement from Bill Daly:

      “Today, we concluded two days of mediation with FMCS mediators and representatives of the NHL Players’ Association.  After spending several hours with both sides over two days, the presiding mediators concluded that the parties remained far apart, and that no progress toward a resolution could be made through further mediation at this point in time.  We are disappointed that the mediation process was not successful.”

And here’s what Don Fehr had to say, via Dan Rosen:

“Today, players and NHLPA staff, along with representatives of the league, concluded a second day of mediation under the auspices of the FMCS. This afternoon, the mediators informed the parties that they did not think it was productive to continue the discussions further today. The mediators indicated that they would stay in contact with the league and the NHLPA, and would call the parties back together when they thought the time was right.”

Yikes. Sort of a “we can’t help you unless you want to help yourselves” situation.

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  1. Good God yes, get with the damn decertification (or disclaiming) already! Fuck it and fuck the NHL.

  2. Decertifying will cancel the season quicker than you can find a suitable cat gif to express how you feel..

    • I think if I still worked from home it would’ve been a cat .GIF, but we were kicking ideas around the office for the appropriate .GIF. Didn’t have the stones to suggest it out loud.

  3. I hope Gary Bettman was standing really close to get a good picture of that mushroom cloud.

  4. Pierre LeBrun “This is easily the low point of the lockout.”

    Aw, c’mon Pierre, there’s plenty more room to go down. Rock bottom is still a long ways away.

  5. I say award the Stanley Cup to the top CHL team this year! Along with the Memorial Cup! Screw Profession Hockey!

  6. Who cares. Go watch some excellent Jr hockey or some Minor hockey around your area.

  7. I agree with Brian, here in Saskatchewan, we have great WHL teams and a decent provincial league(SJHL) screw Buttman, the owners and the is no longer a game to enjoy , but a game of money and greed. Even if there was a season, I hope the fans are smart enough to stay away from the games and the merchandise. That is the best way to hurt and show the dissatisfaction with all of the jerks.

  8. Bill Daly: “We are disappointed that the mediators were not able to convince us to be reasonable in the least.” Such bullshit. It sounds to me as though the PA has made more than reasonable concessions and that the NHL seems to be willing to sit and wait for the players to agree to their terms – season or no season. These can hardly be called negotiations. I hope Daly and Bettman think very hard about sitting with fans during games if this bullshit ever wraps up.

  9. I wish I had more self control when it came to reading this stuff because I just don’t care anymore, and yet I read all of this stuff. I am a huge Leafs fan and I go to a bunch of games every year, but I’m not really missing the NHL so far. Mostly because I feel if they don;t care about the fans enough to get this done, then I couldn’t care less about them. I am going to ahl, and chl games and just enjoying hockey. sure I miss the leafs but I’d rather the NHL go bankrupt for being so stupid and treating the fans like idiots then watch another game.

  10. Good to see that the mediators put so much effort into this. They didn’t even make it a few days!

    • Right? “Let’s hold the mediation talks in sunny, warm New Jersey! Easy access from the Parkway! We can go hang out at the shore with Snooki! They will be having so much fun they’ll want to stay for days!”

      Alternatively, it could have worked out well because both sides would be so desperate to leave NJ that they settled immediately.

  11. Can so many teams really be losing money for so long?

    It seems the financial statements of teams may not be what they seem on the surface.

    Could NHL teams be doing this too?

    Does Little Caesars pay the Detroit Red Wings $1/year for board advertising? etc.

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