If you haven’t yet heard, the NHL and NHLPA are taking CBA negotiation into unchartered territory – the players and owners are going to meet without any middle man, and they’re going to talk things out. And by “talk things out,” I mean “waste a buttload of time.” Excuse the pessimism, but there’s just no way any good comes of this (I explained why here, on Friday).

I think it’s safe to assume the players aren’t authorized to negotiate, and if they are, it’ll be with the same pre-set views that the owners are already aware of. If anyone thinks emotions (“C’mon guys, we just wanna play!”) are going to make one iota of a difference, they’re wrong. I’m just not sure what the point of jamming these two groups in a room is.

Anywho, the six players who are going to be in the room haven’t been selected yet, but a couple of leaders have.

The rest will be decided by the players when they meet before the meetings in New York.

Time for captain serious to put that semi-scowl to good use. Let the talking in circles begin!

“Here’s our stance.” 

“We know. Here’s ours.”

“Yeah, we know.”

“Your stance should be more like ours.”

“But it isn’t.” 

“But it should be.”



Also, I’d like to suggest Kevin Westgarth, not just because he’s smart, but because he apparently teaches sexy dance fighting (shown below), which could come in handy.

 World’s. Best. Doppleganger.