Somehow, I got overlooked. Bummer.

Teams are allowed to take 20 skaters and three goalies (up from two previously, thanks to an IIHF rule change), so this list will have to be pared down significantly. But still! Here’s our first glance at the potential Team Canada has at the World Juniors this year.

As a head’s up, Backhand Shelf will be quite involved with the tournament, providing team previews starting mid-December, and offering analysis in video form every day throughout the competition (brought to you courtesy Bacardi, so y’know, go drink a delicious rum and coke as a thank you).

It’s been a few years since Canada took home gold, but first glance at the potential roster certainly provides a lot of hope.

That list of d-men alone is enough to warm your maple syrup-soaked heart. Having Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in there doesn’t hurt either.

Your head coach is Steve Spott of the Kitchener Rangers. Spott, along with Mario Duhamel, Dan Nachbaur, and Andre Torigny and the rest of the (ridiculously large) staff will be deciding who makes the final 23 man roster later in the next couple weeks.