We’re not going to weigh in on this until we get more information, so for now, here’s a report from Steve Burton of CBS Boston:

Sources tell WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton that an unannounced meeting was held Monday with a high-ranking official from each side, and significant progress was made toward salvaging the hockey season. It’s possible an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow or Wednesday.

Burton spoke with Bruins forward Milan Lucic at Joe Andruzzi’s foundation dinner, and he’s very excited about the possibility of getting back to work.

“You know if your sources are correct obviously it’s great news,” says Lucic. “It’s great for the fans I think especially. I know they’ve been probably going through the most heartache than anyone.”

Updates to come.


UPDATE: Backhand Shelf still can’t confirm this, or come up with anything close to it. Take with a grain – or possibly shaker – of salt.

UPDATE TWO: Here’s the video, first seen on Puck Daddy:

UPDATE THREE: Yeah, everything we were hoping was true pretty clearly isn’t.



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  1. I really hope not. This season is already tainted. I won’t send any of my money the NHL’s way this year. We’ll see about afterward. I’m still hoping for a complete cancellation. For me, that will be good news.

    I know the media guys would love a season, though, because you struggle for material without it.

    • What about the people -bar owners, staff, arena workers, etc. – who make their living because of NHL teams? It’s not just about the fans.

    • even if you don’t want to spend money on the NHL this season, which I completely understand and agree with, I can’t believe someone would rather there be a lockout then some sort of a season. The playoffs alone are worth a 40 game season.

    • What exactly does a full cancellation accomplish for you?

      There’s a rather large base of fans that would still like to watch hockey, even if we know it isn’t a “real” season.

  2. Go home backhand shelf, you’re drunk…

    • Just sharing a post from a place I previously considered legit: CBS. If that’s off-base, things will definitely change.

      • thank you sir! I hope this is legit and isn’t just a ploy by the NHL or something to see the reaction of the fans and further prove their fans will come back theory.

  3. Steve Burton is not the brightest bulb, and he’s certainly not a hockey expert. However, it doesn’t take a genius – only someone with connections, which he does have – to hear that there has been a meeting in advance of Tuesday’s confab.

    Heard elsewhere that the Blackhawks’ proxy – sorry didn’t get his name – was spotted at the BC-BU game this weekend.

  4. … Man, dang… I may have to end up buying a Bruins jersey…

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