* Nick Kypreos reported on Sportsnet today that he thinks there could be hockey very soon, to which Doug Maclean added his prediction of the 20th.

* Kypreos also reports that he’s heard of coaches calling players and telling them to “be ready.” Innnteresting.

* Kypreos thinks guys need a week or so to get to town, Maclean says two days. With a camp that would need to be “7-9 days” in length for safety purposes (you just can’t throw guys who haven’t been playing together with those who have), you’re looking at hockey somewhere just before/around Christmas if this gets wrapped up this week.

Big “if,” of course.

* McKenzie notes where things are currently at:

* Gary Bettman’s presser was, um, we’ll call it “brief.” Under 70 words:

“Good afternoon everyone. With so many of you here I just wanted to stop by. We just completed a two hour board of governors meeting which was basically an update. We are pleased with the process that is ongoing. Out of respect for that process I don’t have anything else to say and I’m not going to take any questions. And … We’ll see you later. Thank you.”

He followed that statement up with a solid little smirk, as seen below.

Still, those words have to be viewed as a positive, especially after seeing Bob McKenzie’s tweet.

Rob Pizzo put it best, though:

The two sides reconvened at 2:15 this afternoon. More on things as updates roll in!


Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo! Sports grabbed this quote from Larry Tanenbaum, Leafs governor:

“We’re going to continue to talk up until we get a deal. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

Perfect. We’ll take it.

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  1. My hopes are up. They’ve gone up every time something potentially good was about to happen….and then they were shot down. Please NHL…..don’t shoot me down again.

  2. Can somebody do a spoof of the “because it’s the cup” campaign already?

  3. C’Mon guys! All I want for Christmas is hockey!

  4. If Bettman’s pleased, that can only mean the players made some (further) significant concessions without asking for much (or anything) from the NHL. Anything less would just bounce off that smirking wall.

    I still think that at this point, the only question that’s worth discussing: “How will we make it up to the fans?”

    • You know as well as I, they arent going to do a damn thing. They will just pretend it never happened and go back to the way things were (assuming they play at all)

  5. given that the 2012 Women’s NCAA Basketball Finals TV ratings
    beat the 2012 Stanley Cup, the players ‘give’ or this season’s gone.

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