A quick update:

At some point, if a deal is getting done you have to get the lawyers involved. The principles are going to need to be in the room before things can come to a close. That’s why when we heard this news this morning, we didn’t necessarily consider it a bad thing:

But then there’s this…

But still, it’s progress…

And let’s wrap this up…

More as things develop, assuming the addition of Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman doesn’t stop things from developing.

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  1. Bettman and Fehr in a room together. What could possibly go wrong?


  3. read headline said nooooooo

    read article said noooooo

    craig adams went to harvard. leave it to him.

  4. Interesting if Bettman didn’t want to go back into the room. That might almost be considered the move of a man who knows that the best way to get a deal done is without his presence. Could it be that Bettman really does want the game to go on?

    Oi, dang, would that ever mess with people’s heads.

    Let’s just assume he didn’t want to go into the room cause he wants the lockout. Easier that way.

  5. …He goes back into that room and he overtly endorses the “legitimacy” of the preceedings – If he stays out, he casts dismissal over them.

    His absence casts a condescending glance upon such “Kumbaya” negotiations – Holding hands and making like Campfire Girls doesn’t lock down the benjamins…Bettman remains committed to a “crush the rebellion with one, swift stroke!” realpolitik.

  6. Gary knows that the players have personal animosity towards him, and also if he’s in the room then none of the individual owners are allowed to undercut his positions, so there’d be no going forward if he’s in there.

  7. “Good night, Mrs Calabash. Wherever you are.”

  8. Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr both are the lions in a jungle. so it is not a problem if they meet then something will happen must. But i believe no negotiations will happen. This will create nothing but some chaos.

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