Yesterday we watched Donald Fehr speak to the media in the wake of meetings with the players, and it was in that press conference that we learned the players and owners had come to an agreement on a number of major issues…only they hadn’t at all.

Steve Fehr received a voicemail message from Bill Daly during that presser, and it was only a matter of minutes before Donald Fehr was back up on the podium explaining why they did not, in fact, have a deal. In fact, everything was suddenly off the table.

So what was in that voicemail? What had made the NHL’s representatives and governors so mad? We were curious, so we did a little digging, and amazingly, found a source who was willing to pass it on. It’s a little NSFW – Bill Daly was pissed – but still, it’s pretty interesting.

(Note: you know that’s not real right? You are sane and stuff, we’re assuming. You are? Okay, phew. Follow John Noon on Twitter)

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  1. Oh my God, I didn’t think anything would make me laugh after last night. Bless you and thank you!

  2. Best Leafs season in a decade!

  3. wow that’s awesome!

  4. The reference to the trademark Bettman head shake was nice, but overall that was pretty weak.

  5. You guys do a lot of good work but the misleading tweets/article titles can get kind of annoying. Kind of unprofessional.

    • Cause, you know, there’s tons of NHL news coming down the pipeline right?

    • lollllll contrary to your narrow-minded perspective, I thought that this was a perfect way to throw a little humour into a dark and unfortunate circumstance. I laughed heartily.

      Its not like the title said: Lockout over! and was followed by an article saying: just kidding!

  6. Leafs are tied in first I’m happy

  7. I wonder how leafs fans will feel 7 years from now when their the only team not to make the playoffs since 2 lockouts ago…

  8. I can’t believe that it’s for real
    Given what he insinuates
    Given the language that he uses

    No wonder they can’t reach a deal
    And hockey’s in such dire straits
    For his words with disdain oozes

    Oh now I see you told me so
    Down below in parentheses
    You really had me going though
    This posting was a lovely tease

  9. The stark reality is the owners know you can only bleed so much entertainment dollar from it’s fan base especially in about one third of its markets. Affordability and the expectation your team has the ability to compete are the driving factors in growing the sport. The majority of owners have purchased teams with wealth earned outside of professional sports and most are looking for only a modest gain, for some, it is more of a hobby to have pride in. Any player that feels they’re talents are not being compensated enough should shop themselves on the world market. If Donald Fehr does for hockey what he has done for baseball we are doomed…

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