Little Leafs' fan and Santa. (Image from the Toronto Sun)

I love this story. I mean, I shouldn’t, but give it a chance.

Shawn Jeffords had the story in the Toronto Sun:

Mary Trent says she was shocked by the behaviour of the Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market Santa Claus as her son approached him. After Santa arrived a half hour late for his appearance, he proceeded to insult the boy’s red plaid coat.

“The first thing he tells my son is, ‘Oh, you look like Paul Bunyan,’ ” she said. “Really? Is that appropriate?

“Then he said, ‘Oh, you’re wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs tuque, you shouldn’t be wearing that, they suck.’ At that point, I took my son and told him we should go, Santa isn’t being very good today.”

Trent said her son was inconsolable and cried all the way home to Mississauga.

Hahahaha, yessss.

I mean, that’s a bad deal for the kid and all. I know, I know. It’s just too absurd to be true, like out of a Christmas movie. Or “Bad Santa,” if you don’t count it as one.

Trent’s post prompted an online apology Thursday from the organizers via Facebook. Mathew Rosenblatt, creator of the European-style event, confirmed to the Toronto Sun that Saint Nick had been fired.

“The person that had spoken those words is no longer at the Toronto Christmas Market and will not be there in the future,” Rosenblatt said.

The poor kid’s having a rough initiation to being a Leafs fan. So far in his lifetime they’ve finished 13th, 13th and been locked out, and he’s been told by Santa Claus that they suck.

Come on. Kinda funny.

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  1. well…at least he was telling the truth.

    Truth hurts, kid.

  2. Let’s be honest, this is on the parents. Allowing a child to be opened up to such disappointment as to being a leafs fan is simply irresponsible


  3. I’d bet my sandwich the kid didn’t care about the comments Santa made and was crying because his mom took him home. You look like Paul Bunyan is insulting? Grow a backbone…

  4. Mom is fooling herself. When did being told you look like Paul Bunyan become inappropriate? Its not like the little guy was told he looked like Steve Buschemi. And the kid was probably crying because mom dragged him away from Santa before he had a chance to ask for a tuque with a different team on it. Enjoy your pickle made out of wood, kid.

    • +1

      Seems to me another case of the over-sensitive mom disease. But then we all got a good laugh, so thanks crazy mom!!

  5. So Santa said the Leafs are bad. Would the mom have preferred him say that the Leafs are naughty?

  6. hahahaha best article,who writes this stuff??!ita soo funny,love thescore!!but the mom’s an idiot who cares

  7. You can’t fire me, I’m Santa!

  8. I feel like the Mom needs to get over herself here. She probably sends her kid to school wrapped in bubble wrap and comes in during the day to wipe his ass too.

  9. What the hell is a tuque?

  10. Too bad all the people who say leafs suck, only work for a month as santa….

  11. He’s Santa he can’t say negative things to a 3 year old for christs sake, he’s probably some cowardly Sens fan hiding behind a beard who wouldn’t dare say that to anyone over 3 feet tall.

    • Doesnt take a Sens Fan Santa can see them when their sleeping also known as when their playing hockey ra ra ra.

    • I’ve had adult Leaf fans say, Sens Suck to my kids when they’ve found out that they’re Sens fans. This has happened at least twice that I can recall. The only difference is that they weren’t dressed as Santa

    • Santa just speaks the truth. He’s likely a fed up Leaf’s fan himself. LEAFS SUCK!

  12. Really? Ok people get a little sensitive about what people say to their children, but this is just over-reaction to the nth degree. Even if you take offense – which is questionable – I think the easiest thing to do is simply walk away.

    Little boy is going to be walking down the street covered in bubble wrap and caution tape for fear of exposure to the outside world.

  13. I can’t believe this BS. The commenters here are basically just cackling with joy because someone’s taking a shot at the Leafs. There’s no need for some mall Santa to say ANYTHING to a child about his appearance or his favourite sports team. The child’s going to get enough of that in every other aspect of his life forever. The guy is there to play Santa, he should “ho, ho, ho”, be jolly, and keep his opinions on all other topics to himself until he’s off the job. You’d be fired from any other job where you were required to deal with customers face to face if you chose to critique their appearance or their fandom based on a displayed team logo.
    What’s wrong with the mother choosing to remove her child from abuse from an individual who’s chosen to act in an entirely unprofessional manner while acting in the role of a child most beloved fictional character?
    How pathetic are your lives that you need to revel in this jerk verbally abusing a child just so that you can pile on with some Leafs directed hatred? Seriously, if you just want to come and comment on how bad the state of the team is right now, you shouldn’t need to support this type of crap to justify it.
    And Bourne, you shouldn’t be writing an article that’s paints this as acceptable just so that you can do the same. While “haters gonna hate”, they don’t have to be so ignorant in the way the do it.

    • So if Santa said the child looked like a nice boy thatd be wrong…cant comment on his appearance afterall. Hey i dont think Santa should be able to ask if hes been naughty or nice, i mean thats not good customer relations, he should assume that the kids nice all the time and not say anything at all. In fact i find the use of HO HO HO offensive, as its derogotory towards women. Santa also shouldnt be able to ask what the kid wants either i mean if he doesnt get it hes in for a huge disapointment that could make him have to go to therepy in 20 years bout not getting a firetruck. Santa should sit there in a glass case with airholes not say or do anything cause god forbid Politically Correct wrap our children in a bubble Sh** heads like you have a problem with Santa saying someone looks like Paul Bunyon or that the Leafs suck..Know what that 3 year olds not gonna remember how Santa said the Leafs suck hes gonna remember his mom dragging him out of the store because shes a busy body and cant just let a comment go . For the record if i told a customer he was wearing a nice Keswick Dinner Jacket (plaid shirt) or that you like the leafs they suck this year, theyd probably laugh and agree with me. Also for the record You are a poon.

    • I bet you dont say Merry Christmas god forbid if it offends 1 person.

    • Way to go. I’d pull me kid away from Santa if Santa was speaking like that to them. It’s inappropriate.

      And Londoner, good for you to speaking up about this.

  14. It’s pretty funny. I’m a leafs fan, and Santa is right. They suck big time. He shouldn’t have said it to the kid. The guy was obviously sauced. Makes me want to watch bad santa

  15. Hows it Insulting to be called Paul Bunyon? Sounds like another overbearing dump sanitizing gel all over my son cause god forbid he gets a germ mother. Lady the Leafs do suck, you made your son cry by dragging him away from Santa, its your own fault, if i was the guy who got fired for harmless comments id shit down your chimeny or sue for wrongful termination, you should be ashamed for getting a person fired at christmas cause you cant handle the word suck the kids 3 he wont even remember that what he will remember is his mother taking him away from what would have been a wonderful santa experience.

  16. I agree with him being terminated for saying that the Leafs suck, but not the Paul Bunion comment. By doing that, he isn’t doing his job, and is being a jerk. Santa isn’t supposed to be a jerk, he is supposed to be jolly, happy, and shit like that.

    Sure the leafs suck, they have since the 67 season ended, but that is no reason to say it to the kid. Let him figure it out on his own. (who knows, by the time he is able to figure if they are good or not, they might have some real owners who care about winning, and not the almighty $)

    • He could at least have said it in a nicer way.

      “Now son, it’s been 18 long years since a Canadian team has won the Cup. The Leafs need a goalie, their forwards aren’t very good, and their defense is a bunch of 3rd D pairings, skill-wise. The GM is also a blustering blowhard. I would advise against cheering for this team, as it will likely cause you significant heartache and ridicule. Now, there is this other team just over the mountains with Swedish twins you might like…”

  17. The kid is 3! I bet he doesn’t even know who the leafs are! So how could he be offended…its his busy body mom….waaay too protective.

  18. “Leafs suck.” – Santa

    “You know what? YOU SUCK!!” – Billy Madison

  19. I’m tempted to post the Reggie Dunlop to Anita McCambridge dialog from Slap Shot – Strictly NSFW and politically-incorrect, but fittingly appropriate under the aforementioned circumstances.

    Sophomoric as it is…The thought of it makes me howl.

    [Y'all can look it up for yourselves.]

  20. Leafs do suck, but if Santa can’t do his job right, it’s fitting that he should be fired. What a big bully!

  21. Well, the boy does actually look like Paul Bunyan, he’s wearing the same checkered shirt and blue pants. That comment in itself isn’t a big deal

    I think he point is the language the Santa used. You don’t say something “sucks” to a 3-year old. It doesn’t matter what kind of hat they’re wearing.

    Or show up half-an hour late to greet the kids

  22. That poor little boy is going to be tramatized over this!!!

  23. The parents and kid have every right to be upset, and Santa needs to find another job.

    Not surprised to see all you comedians saying “It’s the truth etc.”

    My wife is taking our 2-year old to see Santa today right after work. She’ll be braving the traffic and standing in line with his cousins for god knows how long just so he can get a picture. And then we have to scramble to get dinner together and spend some time before I have to leave to flood the rink down the street. He’ll probably be talking about seeing Santa for the next few days, if all goes well.

    Most of you guys don’t have a clue, whatsoever.

  24. Brian Burke gets to dress up in a beard and red suit and speak his mind once a year

  25. Santa was bang on! The Laaafs do suck!

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