I dunno, I was sick of pics of Bettman

Earlier today a tweet from a very informed reporter, Chris Johnson of The Canadian Press read as such:

28 games. Yeesh.

That would leave the NHL with a season that would conceivably be the same length as playoffs. How’s that for a small sample size?

We keep hearing Bettman and the NHL talk about the shortest possible length of season, and how we’re coming up on a drop-dead date, but seeing that tweet makes me wonder: why do we believe that Gary gives a shit about the “integrity” of the NHL? He’s cancelled over 2200 games in his time with the league.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the NHL was willing to go shorter than 48. Would you be?

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  1. Gary Bettman and the NHL can go to hell.
    What a prick.

  2. I wouldn’t show up for 28. It’d be a cash grab by both the league and players.

    Then again, I’m not showing up at all the season anyway…

  3. I would be shocked if someone didn’t proof read an article they posted on their website… oh wait (re-read the title ;) )

  4. Why exactly did the NHL cancel all games up to the 30th and not the 31st?

    26 teams play on New Years Eve. All but 2 of the games are inner-conference. Hmmm…

  5. They have made whatever season they will have a joke that will have an asterisk on it so who cares, I’m going to watch the leagues that are actually playing

  6. At this point they might as well just have a full-on tournament-style season.

    1. Make five 6-team pools, play 20 games (two home, two away).
    2. Play home-and-home against two of the other pools (A would play B and E, B would play A and C, C would play B and D, D would play C and E, E would play D and A).
    3. Seed from 1 to 16 overall from that point and play a regular playoffs.

    That’s 44 games for the “regular” season followed by a league-wide playoff.

  7. Hell no. I can’t imagine how a league can take advantage of its fans like this. This would be suicide in any other business (We’re not going to sell our product to you until our employees agree to new employment terms). This is damaging to the game. There WILL be people who don’t come back. How are teams in Florida or other struggling states going to pull through this? Sure people in Montreal will continue to give two F’s but certain franchises will struggle because of this. There is now a time-bomb in Florida and Arizona. Hey NHL, good luck trying to sell your team (Coyotes) to a buyer with this mess taking place every 8 years. <- bad investment

    Do I sound bitter? I am! I wouldn't mind seeing the NHL collapse. How dare you (the players and the owners) take us the fan for granted. Let’s make an example of what happens to a league when it's revenue source is taken for granted.

    I live in the United States, Football is our past time.

  8. “why do believe that Gary gives a shit about the “integrity” of the NHL?”

    Great line.

  9. Just go directly to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Add one more round to accommodate 32 teams in a single elimination tournament. Figure out some method of giving 1 bye to a team in each Conference. And then just run the tournament as usual. Maybe spread the new Round 0 out to twice as long to spread the games out.

  10. More or less what Nik said. Only I would do a round robin format until 14 teams have lost four games after which they are eliminated, like in “Over the Top”.

    The remaining 16 teams have your typical four ‘best of seven’ rounds.

  11. I’d be good with at least 42 games, just over half of a normal season. Nightfly’s idea is pretty awesome.

  12. I don’t understand the consternation over the length of the regular season. Everybody scoffs at the President’s trophy every year, and I consider Olympic champions and World Junior Champions to be legitimate. Everybody knows what they need to do to qualify whether it’s 30, 20, or 10 games, then it’s a normal playoffs.

  13. Goodbye season. I waited as long as a could, but I found somebody else…

  14. OT, but a question for Justin and maybe the rest of you can chime in too.

    Length of contract is an issue for PA, I get that.

    Length of CBA I don’t understand, and here’s why. First, it’s accepted wisdom in these parts and everywhere else that CBA negotiations are heavily weighted in the owners’ favor, and the only question is really how far the players get torqued. It seems to me the less frequent you can make these clawback sessions, the better off you’d be, no? Secondly, if the owners do manage to find their way into loopholes as per the last go-round, it would be hugely advantageous to the union if the owners were stuck with it for a dozen years, it’s the owners after all who are fed up with the current one – wouldn’t this history as well as my first point in general both point towards the union wanting as long a deal as possible?

    I’m at a loss here, any ideas?

  15. are all you people serious
    who the heck cares how many games they play
    When the average salary is 2 million a year and they strike
    do you really think they care about the fans

    The fans should say the heck with the nhl and follow the blue jays instead.

    anyone who supports the nhl after this is a moron

  16. the NHL lost me back in 05′ after the lockout. i didn’t return until the excitement of the Olypmics in 2010. The sad thing is that I was pretty sure this was Vancouver’s year, but like someone said earlier, if there is a season it will have an asterisk. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the Canucks scrotum.

    Stanley Cup 2013**

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  18. all those people workin for the teams and arenas are the ones getting f’d in the a.. janitors, concession workers, etc. hope they’re able to get e.i

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