Brianna Decker is a senior at the University of Wisconsin. She captains the women’s hockey team, and holy hell did she score a sick goal this weekend.

I’ll spare the two defenders an advanced “Systems Analyst” breakdown, as I’m pretty sure your average hockey fan is aware what went awry there. First girl is caught outside the dots, pivots to forwards(?), and the other almost backs into the crease. We’ll leave it there.

STILL! You can only play the players you’re playing, and that shouldn’t take away from Decker’s nasty double toe-pull-to-low-blocker-snipe.

Always fun to see North Dakota get scored on.

(Stick-tap to Katie Baker and @NHLBlinn for passing that along.)

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  1. Solid. Really nice open blade/fake wrist shot look before the drag.

    No idea what happened behind the play but that’s one hell of a weak backcheck. Second forward in (F2) didn’t even get a backcheck.

  2. It appears they were on the power play (judging by the Badgers missing a person in the ensuing celly hug) – if I’m a forward, I’m going to be just drifting back for the quick breakout the other way. Not a poor backcheck really, the defense has to do better there, can’t get beat 1 v 2.

  3. “First girl woman is caught outside the dots”


    • no HTML? boo. whatever, the point was, you wrote girl when I’m pretty sure you meant to write woman. gotta watch those typos eh.

  4. Now Justin:

    “Always fun to see North Dakota get scored on.”

    I can only surmise the Sioux did not offer you a scholarship?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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