Over on TSN’s Facebook page is a letter from Boston Pizza to the NHL. Boston Pizza, for those of you who don’t know, is a huge chain north of the border (oddly, it’s in the US too, only it’s just called “Boston’s” there, from personal experience) that sells pizza, beer and wings. It’s a great spot to watch a little puck too, since they all have bars and TVs and again, we’re talking Canada. And further: I’ve been a dishwasher, pizza delivery guy and server there, so it’s safe to say they have excellent taste in staff.

They reached out to the league in a one-page ploy that in no way is just a viral marketing attempt that I’m biting on because there’s no news, and is surely a completely honest appeal that they think might work. Free wings and beer, I mean, how could extremely rich people say no?

(A couple clicks will make it more legible.)

“Haha, but seriously, this is getting really expensive for us.”

These are dark, desperate times my friends.

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  1. Boston doesn’t even have good pizza.

    • The perogy pizza is good, not for your waist or sensibilities, but for providing that carb on carb carbiness that precedes a marathon.

  2. Slow news day for sure. A middle-school kid could write a better letter.

    Random capitalization everywhere. They don’t have editors there?

  3. The only time I ever go to BP is to watch NHL games. So I haven’t been there in awhile.

    As far as pizza goes though, Panago is the shizz.

    • And there it is – there’s a lot of people who are that way, I’m sure.

      • I imagine there are some places that are absolutely bleeding money right now. The Shark Club in Vancouver, for example. Located 2 blocks from Rogers Arena, huge bar, packed on game nights and it’s always been basically seen as THE Canucks bar (doesn’t mean it’s a good one, but that’s another story). I bet they’ve been hit pretty hard.

    • Anyone who thinks the disgusting filth Panago has been churning out since changing all their ingredients 10 years ago is superior to Boston Pizza has an irrelevant opinion. Seriously. Their tomato sauce is now a couple tomatoes and a butt load of sugar. Disgusting.

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