How about that cheery Monday morning headline, hey?

In a nutshell, talks between the players and owners about getting a new CBA deal done are where they’ve been for some time now: at impasse. Pierre LeBrun reported that Steve Fehr and Bill Daly were in touch over the weekend, but the two sides have no official plans to meet. In fact, here’s the statement Bill Daly gave the Associated Press on Friday night:

“I have no reason, nor any intention, of reaching out to the union right now. I have no new ideas. Maybe they do. We are happy to listen.”

Again, with the “no reason” comment. Yes Bill, absolutely none.

As we wait for positive news to trickle out – hell, any news, really – you should take a look at this. It’s the latest way some fans are planning to get back at the NHL for locking them out: every game the NHL takes from them after December 21st, they’ll take back from the league:

Welp. Let’s get this week under way!


UPDATE: We thought Nick Cotsonika had a good string of tweets this morning. That info: