I don’t exactly know why, but it sounds like the players have been pushing for the federal mediators to return since the owners/players meetings that left Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman out of the room, and they’re getting their wish, according to reports.

My guess is that the players got the owners to budge on a few things they were previously stuck on, and figured that brought them close enough to the point where mediators could close the gap. The meetings take place tomorrow, and miraculously, the location is still unknown.

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  1. I bet it’s nothing so specific as that. They just realize that what is holding up the process is a clash of personalities between Bettman and Fehr, and are hoping the mediators can overcome that particular aspect.

  2. I bet it’s in New Jersey. Good things always happen here.

  3. It doesn’t say *federal* mediator. Consistent with your “Thoughts on Thoughts” today, it could be Jim Quinn.

  4. Location rhymes with “Zhicago”

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