Ilya Bryzgalov, as you all know, has a solid history of crazy quotes. 24/7 made him a “star” with his spiel on the universe (among other things), but really, he’s been eminently quotable since he’s been in the NHL.

Now, as a member of the KHL, he’s brought the crazy train out east.

He was recently removed from the roster of his Russian team before the Channel One Cup, the reason cited being injury, and not his .907 save percentage and numerous games spent riding pine.

Sports Express called Brygalov – the same paper that had previously made mention of Bryz’s love of space – to find out what the deal is. The exchange ended with Bryzgalov hanging up on them, but not until this exchange happened:

Why are not you on the team? You really have a health problem?

Sorry, but, unfortunately, I’m not ready to talk in detail with the press.

Why not?

The thing is that now I am in the Mission Control Center, you wrote about in our last interview. Astronaut suit on me. And you will understand that it disturbs me to communicate.

Astronaut suit on him. Yep.

The Great Unknown might literally be the space between this guy’s ears.

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  1. Isn’t a 0.907 GAA a good thing? You must mean save percentage…

  2. Just call this guy Major Tom.

  3. Bryz ain’t goalie weird. He’s weird weird.

  4. It sounds like he’s making a joke, really.

  5. Some folks sure look silly when they write reactionary articles without bothering doing any kind of “research” (aka Google):

    The man has a thing for space. In my eyes that makes him quite awesome. The childish and unabashed way in which he talks about his outside interests is very endearing. People should try looking up from their phones once in a while. It really helps keep the self-importance factor in check.

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