I genuinely spent a few minutes trying to find a post I’d previously written that said, “the owners and players are going to meet again Wednesday,” but figured I’d start a fresh one. So: the owners and players are going to meet again Wednesday, according to multiple sources (I think the tweet below is info-center zero). It’ll be at an unknown location, which I’ll share with you here when it leaks in about 20 minutes.

If there’s nothing new and exciting to report today, I won’t mention the lockout again. Posts on actual hockey coming throughout the day!

Us too.

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  1. Question, if the players contracts are not going to be paid in full, isn’t that kinda like voiding it? And wouldn’t they be able to say ” you said 100 million now its only 70 that’s a breach and I’m going to shred this up and be a free agent again”

  2. When the average salary is 2 million a year and they strike
    do you really think they care about the fans

    The fans should say the heck with the nhl and follow the blue jays instead.

    anyone who supports the nhl after this is a moron

  3. Baseball cares more about the fans? Not exactly. They have three times the revenue. No salary cap.

    • Just because they make more money and have a better system means they don’t care about the fans? I don’t get it.

  4. Doesnt matter , as soon as Bettman and Fehr see one another the animosity will begin and it will be the same shit as always. Hopes will be raised then dashed as they will not agree on anything once again ……dont waste your time people.

  5. Correction: NHL CBA talks will break off after one hour tomorrow.

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