Once upon a time Doug MacLean coached the Florida Panthers and the Columbus Blue Jackets, and followed that up by being the GM and President of CBJ before getting fired at the end of the 06-07 season. He was then hired by Sportsnet to provide analysis and commentary, where he’s stuck ever since.

With a resume that includes presiding over a professional sports team and talking a lot, it makes sense that he’s tempted to jump into a new endeavor: leading Canada’s Progressive Conservative party in Prince Edward Island. Politics!

CBC wrote about it today:

“I’m going to think about it. Because it’s an honour to me. It’s a real honour to be considered. Don’t you think?”

MacLean made those comments on his national daily hockey show, after CBC suggested last week that MacLean was a darkhorse candidate to run in the next leadership convention now that current party Leader Olive Crane has resigned.

MacLean said he’ll give the vacancy some serious consideration.

“It’s something I’ll think about over the next year probably, and again, it’s kind of an ideal situation because it’s a little ways away. It’s not like the last time where I had to make a decision in actually two weeks. I just simply couldn’t do it. But it’s something to think about.”

I don’t know Doug, and I just returned to the Great White North a couple months ago, so I’m gonna leave this without comment, and hand the ball over to the commenting community – opinion: would you vote for Doug MacLean to head up your province?

(s/t to Kukla’s Korner)

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  1. Wait Canada has a government? Why do they still have the queen on their money? (Joke, I am not that stupid)


  2. Wouldn’t want him running my province, but definitely wouldn’t want him running my favourite hockey team

  3. I’m from PEI. To be truthfully honest, I probably wouldn’t vote for him. I think he’s been disconnected from PEI for too long to know the issues facing Islanders. I don’t even know if he still lives on the Island for a majority of the year (probably still has property here).
    However, if he ran in the Summerside area, people in that area really like him and he would probably do quite well. The former Conservative leader was unpopular with the public and with other members in the party, so any move would be a good move.

    It wouldn’t be the first time an NHL personality entered politics on PEI; Bob MacMillan served as a Conservative MLA from 2000-2003.

    • It’s definitely a move to catch attention for a party that’s consistently losing popularity. But as others said. I wouldn’t trust him to run my fantasy sports teams, never mind my province.

  4. Being the Premier of PEI would be a lot like running a crappy hockey team like Columbus.

    But seriously though, I can’t imagine there being a smaller profile position in politics in Canada than being the leader of anything in PEI. Seriously, they have just over 100,000 people.

    • I’d imagine being the Premier of Ontario would be a lot like running a crappy hockey team like the Toronto Maple Leafs. If you suck, then EVERYONE knows you suck.

      Come on, Steve. We have just over 140,000 people.. Haha.

      It’s not as low profile as you think. In the national scope it is.. But imagine you’re locked in a phonebooth with 10 people complaining all the time. That’s basically PEI politics.

  5. I wouldn’t let Doug MacLean run my fantasy football team.

    Not that Scott Howson is a great GM or anything, but MacLean’s work in Columbus makes Howson look like a genius.

    If you have some time to kill, read through this thread on every move MacLean ever made running the Blue Jackets: http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=873398

    That post is mindblowing. No rhyme or reason to any move, terrible decision making, overriding his scouts on key draft picks, just terrible, terrible management. And this guy wants to run a provice?

  6. Well, he’s no Red Kelly …

  7. He kind of fits the bill of a Conservative candidate perfectly, so…absolutely not.

  8. Well, this might compel Kypreos to run in Ontario, so good god no.

  9. OMG Please run and get this guy off all of our sporting airwaves!!! He is so terrible!

    • Exactly. This is how i felt a few years back when Pierre McGuire was on the shortlist for the Wild’s vacant GM job.

  10. Did all u haters know that a post good or bad , a call good or bad , a tweet good or bad .. shows he is kicking ass !!! CHA CHING ….. lol

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