Hockey-starved fans in Toronto, rejoice – there’s going to be a charity hockey game played between a good number of NHL studs at Ye Olde Maple Leaf Gardens, and you can go watch!

Cynical Bourne wants to write dickish things about the presumed effort level of the game, but Optimist Bourne feels the need to note that it’s still impressive to watch the best in the world at what they do when they aren’t going balls-to-the-wall. The best part about charity games – aside from the money going to charities, obviously – is that the defense is usually pretty lax (not existant), so you get to see plenty of fancy, skilled plays. It’s a goalie’s worst nightmare – poor D and talented forwards who want to try ridiculous things that have the potential to embarrass them. Fun!

The money raised will go towards the NHLPA’s Goals and Dreams Fund, which you can learn more about here.

Your teams (images courtesy Pro Hockey Talk, cause what, I’m going to create my own graphs?):

Damn. Team Subban looks nasty. What a treat for Leafs fans to get to see the great Tomas Kaberle in person!

And now, Team Stamkos:

In all seriousness, there will be tons of talent there, and it’s for a good cause. If you miss hockey and like helping people, Wednesday’s your day to take care of both.