It’s the “Mansie,” the latest in adult full-footie PJs! It’s real, and you can buy ‘em here.

But, you know…don’t.

(Also, why is he carrying a football and doing a semi-Heisman? I’m so confused.)

(s/t to @NHLHistoryGirl)

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  1. Fuck that. Footie pyjamas are the best. Gimme two.

    • this comment is accurate and on-point

      • Anything an adult wears with “footies”…? C’mon, MAN!

        It’s fruity. It’s lazy and odd (and effeminate and infantile.) Why not (also) wear adult diapers underneath? To forgo the need to actually behave like an adult?

        “I’m so comfy, I could crap myself!”

        How about we also include a Xmas ginormo-pack of 5-hour energy drink, as well.

        This sad nonsense is the “NEW” K-Tel – Loaf about the house in your “footies”, guzzle energy-drink and pee and poop your pants, without consequence…

        Get the fuck outta here. It’s pathetic and disgusting and symptomatic of a segment of society that embraces the lowest common denominator as the New Chic.

        Fat, greasy, inbred, child-molesters wear this kind of shit – Healthy, normal, self-reliant human beings with decent jobs DO NOT!

        Stop it, with this nonsense.

        Nuff sed. Wierdos. Jeebuscripes!

  2. That picture was snapped about a tenth of a second after the guy suddenly thought, “Wait, will anyone see this?”

  3. For that person who wants to due the Heisman Trophy pose while wearing hockey themed pajamas? Though, I suppose at this rate the Sabres may be better at football than the Bills are…couldn’t be worse.

  4. Photoshop HOF right there.

  5. Available only at Vanek’s Secret.

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