From the Federov ads, to the out of work goalie ads and beyond, Nike has always known how to strike a chord with hockey fans.

Even with the NHL lockout (it’s locked out by the way, if you guys hadn’t heard), Nike is still in the business of selling hockey gear, so they decided to remind all of us Canadian folk what the game is really about. And that, of course, is the game, and not la Ligue nationale de hockey. (…I have no idea why I went French on you there.)

Here’s PK Subban, Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin and others (Mark Scheifele, I believe) reminding us: Hockey is Ours.

(S/t to Russian Machine Never Breaks)

Comments (5)

  1. Love the frozen patties part! Haha

  2. Damn! Those guys are good…

  3. OV trashing his homeland, yowza. Cool lil commercial though.

  4. …Wonder how Bettman and the owners feel about the “up yours” sentiment?

    Slick. And wonderfully insulting. Will this put Nike in the Weasel’s doghouse?

  5. In the “out of wok goalie” commercial, is one of the customers “Shit Break” from American Pie?

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